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Towards a Gay Communism - Elements of a Homosexual Critique

Mario Mieli

Class Matters - Inequality and Exploitation in 21st Century Britain

Charles Umney

NGOs as Newsmakers - The Changing Landscape of International News

Matthew Powers

Psychology of a Superpower - Security and Dominance in US Foreign Policy

Christopher Fettweis

California Greenin' - How the Golden State Became an Environmental Leader

David Vogel

Citizenship Inequality and Difference - Historical Perspectives

Frederick Cooper

The Plot to Destroy Trump - How the Deep State Fabricated the Russian Dossier to Subvert the President

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

Hamas Contained - The Rise and Pacification of Palestinian Resistance

Tareq Baconi

Living Diversity – Shaping Society - The Opportunities and Challenges Posed by Cultural Difference in Germany

Bertelsmann Stiftung

With Us and Against Us - How America's Partners Help and Hinder the War on Terror

Stephen Tankel

Radical Markets - Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society

Eric Posner, E. Weyl

Stone's Rules - How to Win at Politics Business and Style

Roger Stone

First Amendment For Beginners

Michael J. LaMonica

Our Search for Belonging - How Our Need to Connect Is Tearing Us Apart

Howard J. Ross, JonRobert Tartaglione

Making the Arab World - Nasser Qutb and the Clash That Shaped the Middle East

Fawaz Gerges

A European Crisis: Perspectives on Refugees Solidarity and Europe

Timofey Agarin, Nevena Nancheva

Bosnia in Limbo - Testimonies from the Drina River

Borja Lasheras

Laughing at Political Correctness - How many lightbulbs does it take to change a liberal?

David Cook

Revolutionary Democracy - Emancipation in Classical Marxism

Soma Marik

Republics of the New World - The Revolutionary Political Experiment in Nineteenth-Century Latin America

Hilda Sabato

Extracting Profit - Imperialism Neoliberalism and the New Scramble for Africa

Lee Wengraf

Feminists Rethink the Neoliberal State - Inequality Exclusion and Change

Leela Fernandes

Boko Haram - The History of an African Jihadist Movement

Alexander Thurston

Google Me - One-Click Democracy

Barbara Cassin

Al-Qaeda & Islamic State: History Doctrine Modus Operandi and US Strategy to Degrade and Defeat Terrorism Conducted in the Name of Sunni Islam - Sunni Islamic Orthodoxy Salafism Wahhabism Muslim Brotherhood Base of the Jihad Bin Laden From the Islamic State to the Caliphate Recommendati...

Strategic Studies Institute, Paul Kamolnick

Faustian Bargains - Lyndon Johnson and Mac Wallace in the Robber Baron Culture of Texas

Joan Mellen

The Palestine-Israel Conflict - Fourth Edition - A Basic Introduction

Gregory Harms, Todd M. Ferry

Beating the Odds - Jump-Starting Developing Countries

Justin Lin, Célestin Monga

Wolf Whistle Politics - The New Misogyny in America Today

Diane Wachtell

Summary and Analysis of Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right - Based on the Book by Arlie Russell Hochschild

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