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The Book of Healing - Selected Poetry and Prose

Najwa Zebian

The Good the Bad and the Unknown - Deep Dark and Captivating Crime Stories from India

Raj Tilak Roushan

She's Strong but She's Tired

r.h. Sin

The Last Time I'll Write About You

Dawn Lanuza

Enough Rope - Poems

Dorothy Parker

The Gift of Everything

Lang Leav

Winter Roses after Fall

Robert M. Drake, r.h. Sin

New Names for Lost Things

Noor Unnahar

Some Things I Still Can't Tell You - Poems

Misha Collins

Self Love Poetry - For Thinkers & Feelers

Melody Godfred

Flower Crowns and Fearsome Things

Amanda Lovelace

To live a thousand lives plus fifteen days - as you travel the road of life - progressive lessons you may discover along the way


Born to Love Cursed to Feel Revised Edition

Samantha King Holmes

My Greenhouse

Bella Mayo

Broken Dawn Blessings - Poems

Adam Sol

Reinvention - Poems

Rik Emmett

Explorations of a Cosmic Soul

Allie Michelle

Problematica - New and Selected Poems 1995–2020

George Murray

Animal Endurance - 100 Poems To Keep You Company

Erik Lewin

The boy with the sad eyes - The scar that become a smile

Sam Chevalier


Tanya Huntington

On the Line

Joseph Ponthus

The Bloomsbury Anthology of Great Indian Poems

Abhay K.

The New Negro - Voices of the Harlem Renaissance

Alain Locke

Poems of the Past and the Present

Thomas Hardy

National Anthem and Other Poems

R Raj Rao

Gatekeeper - Poems

Patrick Johnson

Home Body

Rupi Kaur

Great American Poets - New Hampshire Tender Buttons Select Poems and Selected Poems

Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Gertrude Stein, T. S. Eliot

Homer's Epics - The Odyssey and The Iliad

Homer Homer