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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Victor Hugo


Nick Haskins

Shakesplish - How We Read Shakespeare's Language

Paula Blank


William Shakespeare, SBP Editors

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare

The Husbands

Sharmila Chauhan

Monsters - A play about the killing of James Bulger

Niklas Rådström, Gabriella Berggren

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare

The Mexican Dueña - The dream of a new life in Mexico is shattered by the unexpected actions of landowners events take a dramatic turn for all involved

Jasmina Nevada

1936: Berlin and other plays

Tom McNab


Tyeshia Gainer

Mistaken… Annie Besant in India

Rukhsana Ahmad

La esclava del Negro Ponto

Luciano Francisco de Comella

From Shore to Shore

Mary Cooper, MW Sun

A Heated Touch of Action

MK Meredith

Mr - Everybody Deserves a Second Chance

Brian Stephen Montgomery

The Pillerton Secret - She got away once Can she do it again?

Gayle Siebert

A Violent Spectacle - Terrorism in Contemporary Peninsular Drama

Tara Downs

Slow Drip - First in a series of heart-racing thrillers

Gary Polisano


Matt Beames

The Vice President The War Directive - When War Is The Only Option


The Naturalists

Jaki McCarrick

Love Under the Hot Lights

MK Meredith

Shadows of Darkness - Mystery Thriller and Romance Drama

David S. Fisher

College Girl

Mokete Albert Mote-Ndasah

Preternatural Love

RJ Saxon

Draw You In

MK Meredith

I Think Peace and Justice

Ahmed Shuaib Shaktima

The Comedies - Lady Windermere's Fan An Ideal Husband A Woman of No Importance and The Importance of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde

Next Swan Down the River Might be Black

sean burn