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The Seduction of Delhi

Abhay K.

Capitals - A Poetry Anthology

Abhay K.

Dream Work

R. Bentz Kirby

New Poems - "The beauty we love is very silent It smiles softly to itself but never speaks"

Richard Le Gallienne

The Silk-Hat Soldier and Other Poems in War Time - "The soul's a sort of sentimental wife That prays and whimpers of the higher life"

Richard Le Gallienne

The Poetry of EW Hornung

E.W. Hornung

The Lonely Dancer and Other Poems - "There’s too much beauty upon this earth For lonely men to bear"

Richard Le Gallienne

Robert Louis Stevenson An Elegy & Other Poems - "A woman's beauty is one of her great missions"

Richard Le Gallienne

English Poems - "A wholesome oblivion of one's neighbours is the beginning of wisdom"

Richard Le Gallienne

The Tower

John Egan

She Felt Like Feeling Nothing

r.h. Sin

Sea of Strangers

Lang Leav

Planting Gardens in Graves

r.h. Sin

A Beautiful Composition of Broken

r.h. Sin

Hawk of the Mind - Collected Poems

Yang Mu

Whiskey Words & a Shovel I

r.h. Sin


r.h. Sin

Born to Love Cursed to Feel

Samantha King

the princess saves herself in this one

Amanda Lovelace, ladybookmad

Worlds of You - Poetry & Prose

Beau Taplin

Sleeping Beauty

Matt Beames

Pillow Thoughts

Courtney Peppernell

Whiskey Words & a Shovel III

r.h. Sin

Happinesswise - Poems

Jonathan Bennett

The Day Is Ready for You

Alison Malee

Rest in the Mourning

r.h. Sin

Be Brave - An Unlikely Manual for Erasing Heartbreak

J. M. Farkas

To Fly Again

Ray Stuart

Smoke & Mirrors

Michael Faudet

The Last Time I'll Write About You

Dawn Lanuza