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Russia and the Media - The Makings of a New Cold War

Greg McLaughlin

The Bridal Party - Perfect for fans of Lucy Foley's The Guest List

J G Murray

True Crime Stories - A Prequel: 4 Shocking True Crime Cases

Jack Rosewood

Mother's Day

Dennis McDougal

Yesterday's Monsters - The Manson Family Cases and the Illusion of Parole

Hadar Aviram

The New Rules of War - Victory in the Age of Durable Disorder

Sean McFate

Keenie Meenie - The British Mercenaries Who Got Away with War Crimes

Phil Miller

A Rush to Judgment - The Unfair Trial of Louis Riel

Roger E. Salhany

Toxic Love - The Shocking True Story of the First Murder by Cancer

Tomás Guillén

A Ticket to Syria - A Story About the ISIS in Maldives

Shirish Thorat

Missing and Presumed Dead

Michael Fleeman

The Forest City Killer - A Serial Murderer a Cold-Case Sleuth and a Search for Justice

Vanessa Brown

The Man with the Black Valise - Tracking the Killer of Jessie Keith

John Goddard

Completing the WTTNEWO Picture

Markus Rehbach

Night of the Chupacabra

T.H. Pine

The Pastor and the Private Eye

T.H. Pine

Smoke No Evil

Bill Drake


Mark Torres

Deadly Force - How a Badge Became a License to Kill

Lawrence O'Donnell

Dead Wrong - The Continuing Story of City of Lies Corruption and Cover-Up in the Notorious BIG Murder Investigation

Randall Sullivan

Indecent Advances - A Hidden History of True Crime and Prejudice Before Stonewall

James Polchin

Hijacked - The True Story Of The Heroes Of Flight 705

Dave Hirschman

The Last Stone

Mark Bowden

The Last Stone

Mark Bowden

Dead in the Water - My Forty-Year Search for My Brother's Killer

Penny Farmer

In Plain Sight - The Kaufman County Prosecutor Murders

Kathryn Casey

The Court of Better Fiction - Three Trials Two Executions and Arctic Sovereignty

Debra Komar

He Slew the Dreamer - My Search for the Truth about James Earl Ray and the Murder of Martin Luther King

William Bradford Huie

Criminal Children - Researching Juvenile Offenders 1820–1920

Emma Watkins, Barry Godfrey

Forbidden Bookshelf Presents Dan E Moldea - Interference The Hoffa Wars and Dark Victory

Dan E. Moldea