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OK Boomer - And Other Age-(In)appropriate Jokes

Lisa Beth Johnson, Phoebe Bottoms

Bad Dad Jokes - That's How Eye Roll

Bart King

Dad Jokes Too - Punnier Than Ever

Press Editors of Portable

Extremely Inappropriate Dad Jokes - More Than 300 Hazardous Jokes Side-Splitting Puns and Hilarious One-Liners to Make You the Master of Questionable Comedy

Joe Kerz

Really Bad Dad Jokes - More Than 400 Unbearable Groan-Inducing Wisecracks Sure to Make You the Funniest Father With a Quip

Joe Kerz

The Subtle Art of Fart Remarks - Clever Things to Say When You Fart

Bree Kingwind

Kid Jokes

Jolly Jayesh

Dad Jokes - More Than 400 Unbearable Groan-Inducing One-Liners Sure to Make You the Deadliest Dad With a Pun

Joe Kerz

Born to Pun - 1400 Boss Jokes Funny Quips and Groan-Worthy Punchlines

Gordon Hideaki Nagai

The Wackiest Joke Book That'll Knock-Knock You Over! - Over 838 Jokes!

Press Editors of Portable

Jokes Fun at Midnight

Ayir Ahsi

Wife and Husband Jokes

Ayir Ahsi

The Nursing and Patient Fun Joke Book

Ahsi Ayir

Animal Funny Jokes Book

Ayir Riya

Adult Fun Joke Book

Ayir Amrahs

The 100 funniest crypto jokes ever - hilarious coin cracks about mining bitcoins and the blockchain

Salazar Alberto

The Diary Of A Nobody

George Grossmith, Weedon Grossmith

Sex Jokes Compilation: An Entertainment Book for Adults

Desmond Ihenze

Anecdotes That Men Tell Women - Russian Humor

Alexander Lyubimoff

199 Terribly Good Dad Jokes Witty Funny and Damn Right Awful!

Mike Gaffy

Rib-Tickling Jokes - Laugh your way to long life

R. K. Murthi

Academic Jokes - Laughter is the best medicine

S. M. Mathur

Dear Nobbie Scratcher

Nobbie Scratcher

Moose Jokes

Joe King

Lemur Jokes

Joe King

Lizard Jokes

Joe King

Mole Jokes (Mole Day Jokes)

Joe King

Lama Jokes

Joe King

Meerkat Jokes

Joe King

Mosquito Jokes

Joe King