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Humour collections & anthologies

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A Cry from the Far Middle - Dispatches from a Divided Land

P. J. O'Rourke

The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Humor Education and Art - Humor: a transdisciplinary approach

Alberto Dionigi, Ibukun Filani, Magali Gravier, Paul Jewell, Mike Lloyd, Lita Lundquist, Parkin John C, Arie Sover, Douglas Wulf

Cowfolk's Guide to Getting Older

Roy English

A Cowboy’s Guide to Life

Texas Bix Bender

A Rancher's Guide to Life

Texas Bix Bender

A Cowgirl's Guide to Life

Texas Bix Bender, Gladiola Montana

Dispatches Volume One - What Men Don't Tell Women; One Fell Soup; and Camels Are Easy Comedy's Hard

Roy Blount

This Book Will Put You to Sleep

Books Chronicle

None of My Business

P. J. O'Rourke

The Crazy Wonderful Things Kids Say - Tales from the Singing Pediatrician

Arnold L. Tanis

Talk Southern to Me - Stories & Sayings to Accent Your Life

Julia Fowler

Another Fine Mess - Life on Tomorrow's Moon: Essays

Pope Brock

The Secret Art of Being a Grown-Up - Tips Tricks and Perks No One Thought to Tell You

Bridget Watson Payne

Boomers Zoomers and Other Oomers - A Boomer-biased Irreverent Perspective on Aging

Marcel Strigberger

The American Credo - A Contribution Toward the Interpretation of the National Mind

H. L. Mencken, George Jean Nathan

Jokes Epigrams Sayings about Love Life Death and Other Subjects - Is It a Ban or a Taboo?

Bedrettin Simsek

The History of English Humor - Complete Edition

A. G. K. L'Estrange

Laughter - An essay on the meaning of the comic

Henri Bergson

History of English Humor (Vol 1&2) - Complete Edition

A. G. K. L'Estrange

A Ramble in the Woods on Sunday

James Kirke Paulding

Travels From The Turn Of The Century - Journey To Italy

Mario Garrido Espinosa

Kids Say the Darndest Things to Santa Claus - 25 Years of Santa Stories

Don Kennedy

Chips Off the Old Benchley

Robert Benchley

Of All Things

Robert C Benchley

Laugh With Leacock: An Anthology of the Best Works of Stephen Leacock

Stephen Leacock

Anecdotes That Men Tell Women - Russian Humor

Alexander Lyubimoff

The Happy Hypocrite - A Fairy Tale for Tired Men

Max Beerbohm

And Even Now

Max Beerbohm

The Works of Max Beerbohm

Max Beerbohm