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Jokes & riddles

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How to Tell a Joke - An Ancient Guide to the Art of Humor

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Spooky Jokes - The Ultimate Collection of Un-boo-lievable Jokes and Quips

Robin Graves

Bad Dad Jokes - That's How Eye Roll

Bart King

The Essential Compendium of Dad Jokes - The Best of the Worst Dad Jokes for the Painfully Punny Parent: 301 Jokes!

Thomas Nowak

Kids Write Jokes


You've Guac to Be Joking - I Love Avocados!

Cat Faulkner

The First Book of Jewish Jokes - The Collection of L M Büschenthal

Elliott Oring

How to Speak Emoji

Fred Benenson

Racist Jokes

Joe King

If These Pages Could Talk

Tory Lively

Knock Knock Jokes - Funny knock knock jokes for the whole family

Tony Finch

Riddles - The big book of riddles for clever kids

Tony Finch

Jokes for Kids

Eric Edwards

Jokes for Kids - The big book of fun jokes for kids

Tony Finch

We're No Angels

Paul Migliozzi

1000 Jokes for Auto Aficionados

Paul Placek

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Senility

Jerry Page

America's Funniest Memes - Coronavirus Edition

Ed Mickolus

Sex Jokes Compilation: An Entertainment Book for Adults

Desmond Ihenze

Pandemic Pickup Lines - Painfully Punny Icebreakers for a Plague-Ravaged World

John Charles Hlinko

Aging With A Sense Of Humor 2nd Edition - Humor for us who are old and those who want to be old

Stephen E. George

The Best Joke Book Ever

Wayne Brindle

Anecdotes That Men Tell Women - Russian Humor

Alexander Lyubimoff

The Subtle Art of Fart Remarks - Clever Things to Say When You Fart

Bree Kingwind

199 Terribly Good Dad Jokes Witty Funny and Damn Right Awful!

Mike Gaffy

Kid Jokes

Jolly Jayesh

Sven & Ole Jokes and More

Carlton Carney

Three hundred & Thirty-Three Twisted Tongue Twisters

Byron L. Reeder

Rib-Tickling Jokes - Laugh your way to long life

R. K. Murthi

Academic Jokes - Laughter is the best medicine

S. M. Mathur