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Humour collections & anthologies

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Nice Try - Stories of Best Intentions and Mixed Results

Josh Gondelman

We Got This - Solo Mom Stories of Grit Heart and Humor

Cheryl Dumesnil, Marika Lindholm, Katherine Shonk, Domenica Ruta

The Guide For When You Totally F*ck Up - (Which is Now)

Nicolas Parker

How Not to Get Shot - And Other Advice From White People

D. L. Hughley, Doug Moe

Best in Class - Essential Wisdom from Real Student Writing

Tim Clancy

Cowfolk's Guide to Getting Older

Roy English

A Cowboy’s Guide to Life

Texas Bix Bender

A Cowgirl's Guide to Life

Texas Bix Bender, Gladiola Montana

A Rancher's Guide to Life

Texas Bix Bender

The Great Gasbag - An A-to-Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World

Joy Behar

Shoelaces are Hard - And Other Thoughtful Scribbles

Mike McCardell

The Rory's Stories Guide to Being Irish

Rory O'Connor

Dispatches Volume One - What Men Don’t Tell Women; One Fell Soup; and Camels Are Easy Comedy’s Hard

Roy Blount

None of My Business

P. J. O'Rourke


Misty Moreton

Attack of the Flickering Skeletons - More Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of

Stuart Ashen

Another Fine Mess - Life on Tomorrow's Moon: Essays

Pope Brock

You Can Have a Dog When I'm Dead - Essays on Life at an Angle

Paul Benedetti

Experience Mexican Jail! - Based on the Actual Cell-phone Diaries of a Dude Who Spent Four Years in Jail in Cancun!

Prisonero Anónimo

Driving the Road of Life with a Flat Tire

Gary Yordon

Shakespeare's Guide to Parenting

James Andrews

That's Maths - The Mathematical Magic in Everyday Life

Peter Lynch

Taxi Driver Wisdom: 20th Anniversary Edition

Risa Mickenberg

My Adventures on the Bus - How I Decided That I Should Buy a Car

DJ Flint

The Politically Incorrect Book of Humor - Why it’s better to be right than politically correct

Allen Unruh

What's It Like in Space? - Stories from Astronauts Who've Been There

Ariel Waldman

The Innocents Abroad

Mark Twain

Tired (so very tired): 100 Days to a Happier You by Watching Me go Totally Inane: Social Isolation in the time of the Apocalypse: The Book With the Most Subtitles Ever

Michaelbrent Collings

Lightning Crashes Here: Essays

Costa Koutsoutis

Power to the CEOs: The Ultimate GameStop Rant

Sebastian Schug