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Badass Baby Names

Marvella Nomine

Lake City - A Novel

Thomas Kohnstamm

My Kid Is an Asshole and So Is My Dog

Diana Stefano

Difficult People

Catriona Wright

Monsters You Should Know

Emma SanCartier


John J. Jessop

Academic Jokes - Laughter is the best medicine

S.M. Mathur

An Ideal Husband

Oscar Wilde

Blogger Girl

Meredith Schorr

Pursuit - Humorous Stories

Laurie Brady

Claw the System - Poems from the Cat Uprising

Francesco Marciuliano

Beyond: Technology

Scott Overton

Sex Jokes

Joe King

Bad Feminist - Essays

Roxane Gay

joke bank - Popular Jokes

Sea Rider

The Importance of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

The Eternal Husband

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Single Girl Problems - Why Being Single Isn't a Problem to Be Solved

Andrea Bain

Angus Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging - Confessions of Georgia Nicolson

Louise Rennison

Planet Panic - Notes from the Queen of Procrastination

Pam Pastor

50 Things Not to Do after 50 - From Naming Your Pets after Tolkien Characters to Signaling "Peace Out" to Your Friends

Leland Gregory

The Sales Survival Handbook - Cold Calls Commissions and Caffeine Addiction--The Real Truth About Life in Sales

Ken Kupchik

All Summer Long - A Novel

Dorothea Benton Frank

Just Friends With Benefits

Meredith Schorr

Lesbianism Made Easy

Helen Eisenbach

50 Jobs Worse Than Yours

Justin Racz

Alligator Jokes

Jeo King

Latest jokes joke bank

Jeo King

Women - A Novel

Charles Bukowski