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Satirical fiction & parodies

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Tacky Goblin

Sean Steele T.

The Spare Heir Handbook - Prince Harry's Very Best Tips for the Royal Baby

Bill Coles

Wonder Boys

Michael Chabon

A Dirty Job - A Novel

Christopher Moore


Terry Southern, Mason Hoffenberg

Love in the Ruins - The Adventures of a Bad Catholic at a Time Near the End of the World

Walker Percy

Serial Killing: A Pocket Guide - A brief yet pragmatic "how-to" for those on the cusp of mania and psychosis

M Thomas

Hard Times

Ostap Vyshnia

The Last Good Book

Anthony Nwosu-Okorocha

A Drama in Muslin

George Moore


Samuel Butler

Man and Wife

Wilkie Collins

The English Rogue - Continued in the Life of Meriton Latroon and Other Extravagants Part Three

Richard Head

The Red Room

August Strindberg

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

Edwin A. Abbott

How to Appear Normal at Social Events - And Other Essential Wisdom

Lord Birthday

Rise & Fall of President Frump - Three Political Satires

R. L. Saunders

The Haircutter - A Novel

Dana Thompson

Larcenists and Lambs

Markéta Šichtařová, Vladimír Pikora

The Spiny Empire - The Empire of the Unknown

Edith Stickman

The Travels of Ibn Fudayl

Goerge R. Sole

End of the Flies

Russ Crossley

Ed Dean Is Queer - a novel

N. A. Diaman

Whipped - An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

William Deverell

April Fool - An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

William Deverell

Big Business

Russ Crossley

The Field of the Cloth of Gold

Magnus Mills

Bleak House (EireannPress)

Charles Dickens

Slipsliding by the Bay

Barbara McDonald

An Innocent Fashion - A Novel

R.J. Hernández