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Humour collections & anthologies

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Does the Name Pavlov Ring a Bell? - 879 Hilarious Puns to Test Your Wit

Gary Blake

Bad Feminist - Essays

Roxane Gay

Experience Mexican Jail! - Based on the Actual Cell-phone Diaries of a Dude Who Spent Three Years in Jail in Cancun!

Prisonero Anónimo

That's Maths - The Mathematical Magic in Everyday Life

Peter Lynch

The Grumpy Guide to Life - Observations from Grumpy Cat

Cat Grumpy

1047 Reasons to Smile - Little Things that Bring Joy Happiness and Excitement

Elizabeth Dutton

How to Be a Woman

Caitlin Moran

Isn't That Rich? - Life Among the 1 Percent

Richard Kirshenbaum

President Me - The America That's in My Head

Adam Carolla

50 Things Not to Do after 50 - From Naming Your Pets after Tolkien Characters to Signaling “Peace Out” to Your Friends

Leland Gregory

Mommyfesto - We Solemnly Swear ($%*!) Because We Have Kids: A Book about the Reality of Parenting

Leanne Shirtliffe

The Mommy Chronicles - Tales of a Slow-Track Mom in a Fast-Track Lane

Leslie Tonner


Caitlin Moran

Aunty Acid's Guide to Life

Ged Backland

Marlene Dietrich's ABC - Wit Wisdom & Recipes

Marlene Dietrich

When Did I Get Like This? - The Screamer the Worrier the Dinosaur-Chicken-Nugget-Buyer and Other Mothers I Swore I’d Never Be

Amy Wilson

Spoiled Rotten America - Outrages of Everyday Life

Larry Miller

Mike Nelson's Mind over Matters

Michael J. Nelson

Still Complaining

Jim Foster

How to Appear Normal at Social Events - And Other Essential Wisdom

Lord Birthday


Misty Moreton

What Is the Meaning of Life? - And 92 Other Things I Don't Have Answers To

Don Hermann

Planet Panic - Notes from the Queen of Procrastination

Pam Pastor

Is It Hot In Here or Is It Me? - RJ Ledesma's Imaginary Guide to Flirting Body Language and Pick-up Artists

RJ Ledesma

Kwentaxi by Juana C

Mae Paner

Is It Safe to Kiss My Cat? - And Other Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

Carol Ann Rinzler

A Brief History of Oversharing - One Ginger’s Anthology of Humiliation

Shawn Hitchins

Finding My Badass Self - A Year of Truths and Dares

Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

I'm Just a Person

Tig Notaro

Black Man White House - An Oral History of the Obama Years

D. L. Hughley