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Norse Tales and Sketches

Alexander Lange Kielland

Kisses from the Apocalypse (And Other Small Things)

Dan Corjescu

Comedy on Stage and Screen - An Introduction

Wieland Schwanebeck

Entanglements: Envisioning World Literature from the Global South

Andrea Gremels, Maren Scheurer, Frank Schulze-Engler, Jarula M.I. Wegner

Reading between the Lines: Reflections on Discarded Books and Sociopolitical Transformations in (Post-)Yugoslavia

Dora Komnenovic

Popular Literature - Texts Contexts Contestations

Rupayan Mukherjee, Jaydip Sarkar

Comparing Literatures: Aspects Method and Orientation - Proceedings of the 8th Congress of the European Society of Comparative Literature (ESCL-SELC)

Alison Boulanger, Fiona McIntosh-Varjabédian

English Linguistics

Christian Mair

Sasha Sokolov: The Life and Work of the Russian “Proet”

Martina Napolitano

Magic! Hissed The Little Demons

Kathryn Rossati

Bilingual Couples in Conversation

Silja Ang-Tschachtli

Shakespeare's Secrets - Romeo & Juliet - Essays and Reflections on Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

David Blixt

The Happy Prince and Other Tales

Oscar Wilde

Recently Discovered Letters of George Santayana - Cartas recién descubiertas de George Santayana

George Santayana

American Quaker Romances - Building the Myth of the White Christian Nation

Carolina Fernández Rodríguez

Benjamin Drew - The Refugee Narratives of Fugitive Slaves in Canada

Vicent Cucarella Ramon

The Branded Ones - A Novel

Joanna Beresford

Children of Prometheus: Romanticism and Its Legacy - Essays in Literature Philosophy and Cultural Politics

Gregory Maertz

Die dänischen Eufemiaviser und die Rezeption höfischer Kultur im spätmittelalterlichen Dänemark – The Eufemiaviser and the Reception of Courtly Culture in Late Medieval Denmark

Massimiliano Bampi, Anna Katharina Richter

Between Dream Houses and "God's Own Junkyard": Architecture and the Built Environment in American Suburban Fiction

Stefanie Strebel

Creative Lives - Interviews with Contemporary South Asian Diaspora Writers

Chandani Lokuge, Chris Ringrose

A History of the Vampire in Popular Culture - Love at First Bite

Violet Fenn

Couch City - Socrates Against Simonides

Harry Berger


Jean-Luc Nancy

A Room of One's Own (Hero Classics)

Virginia Woolf

The Rhetoric of Women’s Humour in Barbara Pym’s Fiction

Naghmeh Varghaiyan

On the Horizon of World Literature - Forms of Modernity in Romantic England and Republican China

Emily Sun

The Antichrist in Post-Soviet Russia: Transformations of an Ideomyth

Magda Dolinska-Rydzek

Indigenizing the Classroom - Engaging Native American First Nations Literature and Culture in Non-native Settings


The Secret of Chimneys

Agatha Christie