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Digital Capitalism and Distributive Forces

Sabine Pfeiffer

Global Authoritarianism - Perspectives and Contestations from the South

International Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies

Traditions of the North American Indians

James Athearn Jones

Towards a New Enlightenment - The Case for Future-Oriented Humanities

Wilhelm Krull, Christoph Horn, Markus Gabriel, Corine Pelluchon, Anna Katsman, Anna Luisa Lippold, Ingo Venzke

Making Kin: Ecofeminist Essays from Singapore

Esther Vincent, Angelia Poon

Social Consequences of Labour Market Marginalisation in Germany - Analysing the Impact of Social Identities and Values

Carlotta Giustozzi

Globally Mobile Intellectual Capital: Narratives of Corporate Executives & Families on the Move

Shabih Zaidi

The Global Ape: Between Extinction and Transcendence

Dan Corjescu

Status and Ethnic Identity - A Study on First- and Second-Generation Migrants in Germany

Andreas Genoni

Stand-up Comedy in Africa - Humour in Popular Languages and Media

Izuu Nwankwọ

Claiming Home - Migration Biographies and Everyday Lives of Queer Migrant Women in Switzerland

Tina Büchler

Whistleblowing for Change - Exposing Systems of Power and Injustice

Tatiana Bazzichelli

Watch Me Die - Last Words From Death Row

Bill Kimberlin

Women Who Love Men Who Kill - 35 True Stories of Prison Passion

Sheila Isenberg

It’s All Been There Before - What We Can Learn about the Coronavirus from Pandemic Movies

Denis Newiak

The Psychology of Love

Samuel Kahn

Why and How We Laugh - The Psychology of Humor

Samuel Kahn

How to Survive in Medieval England

Toni Mount

Famous Last Words - Confessions Humour and Bravery of the Departing

Chris Wood

Scottish Proverbs

Colin S.K. Walker

Burying the Dead - An Archaeological History of Burial Grounds Graveyards & Cemeteries

Lorraine Evans

A History of Death in 17th Century England

Ben Norman

"Can You Run Away from Sorrow?" - Mothers Left Behind in 1990s Belgrade

Ivana Bajic-Hajdukovic

Foresters Borders and Bark Beetles - The Future of Europe's Last Primeval Forest

Eunice Blavascunas

Sex and Sexuality in Stuart Britain

Andrea Zuvich

Not by Bread Alone

Vilhjamur Stefansson

The Folklore of Orkney & Shetland

Ernest Walker Marwick

The White Cockade - Historical Tales of the Jacobites

Stuart McHardy

Barcelona 2020 - Visual chronicle of a confined city

Jordi Panyella

Hellacious California! - Tales of Rascality Revelry Dissipation and Depravity and the Birth of the Golden State

Gary Noy