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A Road to Extinction - Can Palaeolithic Africans survive in the Andaman Islands?

Jonathan Lawley

Unterstadt - A Novel

Ivana Šojat

Hunting the Seven - How the Gugulethu Seven assassins were exposed

Beverley Roos-Muller

The History of the Standard Oil Company

Ida Tarbell

The Complete Writings of James Madison (Vol 1-9)

James Madison

Bandit Country - The IRA and South Armagh

Toby Harnden

Prisoners of Jan Smuts - Italian Prisoners of War in South Africa in WWII

Karen Horn

Tomorrow with Bayonets - Dublin: July 1921 – July 1922

Derek Molyneux, Darren Kelly

Well Beings - How the Seventies Lost Its Mind and Taught Us to Find Ourselves

James Riley

Bruce's Timeline Of Our World

Bruce Tapping

Brief History of the Antarctic Exploration

Gerardo Bartolomé

The Debates on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution - Complete 5 Volume Edition

James Madison, The Constitutional Convention, US Government

Redress: Ireland's Institutions and Transitional Justice

Katherine O'Donnell

Celtic Fairy Tales and Legends

Rosalind Kerven

Signals in the Noise: Notes on Penang Malaysia and the World

Ooi Kee Beng

Jews in Post-War Wrocław and L'viv: Official Policies and Local Responses in Comparative Perspective 1945-1970s - Official Policies and Local Responses in Comparative Perspective 1945-1970s

Izabela Kazejak

Food - Media - Senses - Interdisciplinary Approaches

Jens Ruchatz, Christina Bartz, Eva Wattolik

American Naval Participation in the Great War - World War 1 - With Special Reference to the European Theater of Operations

United States Navy, Dudley W. Knox

Combat Narratives: Battle of Guadalcanal - 11-15 November 1942

United States Navy, Office of Naval Intelligence

The Afghan Wars - 1839-42 & 1878-80

Archibald Forbes

American Naval Mission in the Adriatic - 1918-1921

A. C. Davidonis

The Operations of the American Navy in France During World War I

United States Navy, Henry B. Wilson

The Capture of Iwo Jima - Amphibious Operations: 16 February to 16 March 1945

United States Navy

Combat Narratives: The Aleutians Campaign - June 1942 - August 1943

United States Navy, Office of Naval Intelligence

UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle - Visitations National Security and the Need for Transparency (Incidents That Demand Investigation and Disclosure)

Robert Salas

A Ramble About Tallaght - History People Places

Albert Perris

Last Voices of the Irish Revolution

Tom Hurley

Two Texans Two World Wars - My father and grandfather's stories: Robert Holmes and Charles Harwood

Kathy Donneson

From Panem to the Pandemic: An Introduction to Cultural Studies

Michael Butter

A History of Ireland in 100 Episodes - Ancient Medieval and Modern Ireland

Jonathan Bardon, Fergal Tobin