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Small Wars Manual - Tactics and Strategies for Engaging in Military Operations

United States Marine Corps

Blood Metal and Dust - How Victory Turned into Defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq

Ben Barry

World War II Uncontrived and Unredacted: Testimonies from Ukraine 

Vakhtang Kipiani

The Peasants' Revolting Crimes

Terry Deary

Heroes of Telemark - Sabotaging Hitler's atomic bomb Norway 1942–44

David Greentree

Really Cross Stitch - For when you just want to stab something a lot

Rayna Fahey

Brothers in Arms - One Legendary Tank Regiment's Bloody War from D-Day to V-E Day

James Holland

Argo - An action-packed retelling of the Greek myth Jason and the Golden Fleece from Cambridge classicist Mark Knowles

Mark Knowles

The Donnellys: Powder Keg 1840–1880

John Little

The Donnellys: Massacre Trial and Aftermath 1880–1916

John Little

Ablaze - Ten Years That Shook The World

Peter Rowe

Mutiny on the Spanish Main - HMS Hermione and the Royal Navy’s revenge

Angus Konstam

Soviet Armoured Cars 1936–45

Jamie Prenatt

The Reckoning - The Defeat of Army Group South 1944

Prit Buttar

Zero-Sum Victory - What We're Getting Wrong About War

Christopher D. Kolenda

A History of the Final Solution - An enquiry into the stages that led to the extermination of European Jews

Daniel Rafecas

The Burgundians - A Vanished Empire

Bart Van Loo

Birds of Prey - Hitler’s Luftwaffe Ordinary Soldiers and the Holocaust in Poland

Philip W. Blood

Field Study - Meditations on a Year at the Herbarium

Helen Humphreys

Dr Henry Jones' Account of the 1641 Rising - Plantation and War in County Cavan

Brendan Scott

A-4 Skyhawk vs North Vietnamese AAA - North Vietnam 1964–72

Peter E. Davies

Weapons of the Civil War Cavalryman

John Walter

Ho Chi Minh Trail 1964–73 - Steel Tiger Barrel Roll and the secret air wars in Vietnam and Laos

Peter E. Davies

I Will Run Wild - The Pacific War from Pearl Harbor to Midway

Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

Rome – City in Terror - The Nazi Occupation 1943–44

Victor Failmezger

Arado Ar 234 Bomber and Reconnaissance Units

Robert Forsyth, Nick Beale

Bolt Action: Campaign: Mariana & Palau Islands

Warlord Games

Gods of Rome

Simon Turney, Gordon Doherty

Hitler's Eastern Legions 1942–45

Nigel Thomas

Soviet Soldier vs Finnish Soldier - The Continuation War 1941–44

David Campbell