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Human Intelligence Collector Operations

Department of the Army Headquarters

Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Operations

Department of the Army Headquarters

Small Wars Manual - Tactics and Strategies for Engaging in Military Operations

United States Marine Corps

Saturn - A New Look at an Old Devil

Liz Greene

The New Long Life - A Framework for Flourishing in a Changing World

Lynda Gratton, Andrew J. Scott

Dark Salt Clear - The Life of a Fishing Town

Lamorna Ash

Whistleblowing for Change - Exposing Systems of Power and Injustice

Tatiana Bazzichelli

Paratextualizing Games - Investigations on the Paraphernalia and Peripheries of Play

Gundolf S. Freyermuth, Benjamin Beil, Hanns Christian Schmidt

Balochistan - Bruised Battered and Bloodied

Francesca Marino

Pershing's Lieutenants - American Military Leadership in World War I

William H. Van Husen, Holt D. Theis, Jerry D. Morelock, Patrick Gregory, Mark Jackson, James S. Corum, Timothy P. White, Glenn K. Cunningham, Kenneth S. Shaw, Sebastian H. Lukasik, Derek Varble, Mark E. Grotelueschen, Carlo D'Este, Carl Otis Schuster, Robert J. Laplander, Kevin E. McCall

North Cape 1943 - The Sinking of the Scharnhorst

Angus Konstam

The Medieval Knight

Christopher Gravett

RAF Fighters vs Luftwaffe Bombers - Battle of Britain

Andy Saunders

Blood Metal and Dust - How Victory Turned into Defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq

Ben Barry

Spanish Galleon vs English Galleon - 1550–1605

Mark Lardas

World War II US Gunships - YB-40 Flying Fortress and XB-41 Liberator Bomber Escorts

William Wolf

US Navy Destroyer Escorts of World War II

Mark Lardas

Renaissance Armies in Italy 1450–1550

Gabriele Esposito

The History of the Panzerjäger - Volume 2: From Stalingrad to Berlin 1943–45

Thomas Anderson

Early Military Rifles - 1740–1850

Balázs Németh

Roman Heavy Cavalry (2) - AD 500–1450

Andrey Evgenevich Negin, Raffaele D’Amato

Poetry And Imagination

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Between Lenin and Bandera - Decommunization and Multivocality in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine

Anna Kutkina

World War II Uncontrived and Unredacted: Testimonies from Ukraine 

Vakhtang Kipiani


Sam Michaels

The Tale of the Tailor and the Three Dead Kings - A medieval ghost story

Dan Jones

Outraged - Why Everyone is Shouting and No One is Talking

Ashley 'Dotty' Charles

The Peasants' Revolting Crimes

Terry Deary

People of Abandoned Character

Clare Whitfield

127 Things to Do While Quarantined - Fun and productive uses of your time when you're bored scared confused and stir-crazy

Jacqueline Shaulis