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The Murders That Made Us - How Vigilantes Hoodlums Mob Bosses Serial Killers and Cult Leaders Built the San Francisco Bay Area

Bob Calhoun

You and Your Profile - Identity After Authenticity

Hans-Georg Moeller, Paul J. D'Ambrosio

The Tolls of Uncertainty - How Privilege and the Guilt Gap Shape Unemployment in America

Sarah Damaske

The Self-Assembling Brain - How Neural Networks Grow Smarter

Peter Robin Hiesinger

The Book of Travels - Volume One

Ḥannā Diyāb

Reading Wiredu

Barry Hallen

China Coup - The Great Leap to Freedom

Roger Garside

Japan 1972 - Visions of Masculinity in an Age of Mass Consumerism

Yoshikuni Igarashi

The Book of Travels - Volume Two

Ḥannā Diyāb

Remake the World - Essays Reflections Rebellions

Astra Taylor

Russia's Hero Cities - From Postwar Ruins to the Soviet Heroarchy

Ivo Mijnssen

The Nazis' Flight from Justice - How Hitler's Followers Attempted to Vanish Without Trace

Richard Dargie, Julian Flanders

Driving Back the Nazis - The Allied Liberation of Western Europe Autumn 1944

Martin King

Public Waters - Lessons from Wyoming for the American West

Anne MacKinnon

Legion Condor 1936–39 - The Luftwaffe develops Blitzkrieg in the Spanish Civil War

James S. Corum

Bolt Action: Campaign: Stalingrad

Warlord Games

Tanks in the Battle of the Bulge

Steven J. Zaloga

Dadding It! - Landmark Moments in Your Life as a Father… and How to Survive Them

Rob Kemp

Maritime Poetics - From Coast to Hinterland

Gabriel N. Gee, Caroline Wiedmer

Greek Poems to the Gods - Hymns from Homer to Proclus

Barry B. Powell

The Naval Siege of Japan 1945 - War Plan Orange Triumphant

Brian Lane Herder

British Airfields of the Second World War

Stuart Hadaway

The Browning High-Power Pistol

Leroy Thompson

NATO’s Enlargement and Russia - A Strategic Challenge in the Past and Future

Oxana Schmies

Journal of Romanian Studies - Volume 31 (2021)

Peter Gross, Iuliu Ratiu, Claudia Lonkin

Ukraine vs Darkness - Undiplomatic Thoughts

Olexander Scherba

The Afterlife of Enclosure - British Realism Character and the Commons

Carolyn J. Lesjak

Theory of the Earth

Thomas Nail

The Gentrification of the Internet - How to Reclaim Our Digital Freedom

Jessa Lingel

Blood Washing Blood - Afghanistan's Hundred-Year War

Phil Halton