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Civilizations of Ancient Iraq

Benjamin R. Foster, Karen Polinger Foster

Ancient Alien Question 10th Anniversary Edition - An Inquiry Into the Existence Evidence and Influence of Ancient Visitors

Philip Coppens

1177 BC - The Year Civilization Collapsed: Revised and Updated

Eric H. Cline

Heritage Conservation and Social Engagement

Renata F. Peters, Iris L. F. den Boer, Jessica S. Johnson, Susanna Pancaldo

Rome Is Burning - Nero and the Fire That Ended a Dynasty

Anthony A. Barrett

Digging Deeper - How Archaeology Works

Eric H. Cline

Rethinking the AndesAmazonia Divide - A cross-disciplinary exploration

Adrian J. Pearce, David G. Beresford-Jones, Paul Heggarty

German submarine U-1105 'Black Panther' - The naval archaeology of a U-boat

Aaron Stephan Hamilton

Scapa 1919 - The Archaeology of a Scuttled Fleet

Innes McCartney

Maps for Time Travelers - How Archaeologists Use Technology to Bring Us Closer to the Past

Mark D. McCoy

Who Really Won the Battle of Marathon? - A Bold Re-appraisal of One of History’s Most Famous Battles

Constantinos Lagos, Fotis Karyanos

Ancient Knowledge Networks - A Social Geography of Cuneiform Scholarship in First-Millennium Assyria and Babylonia

Eleanor Robson

The Fens - Discovering England's Ancient Depths

Francis Pryor

Worlds in Miniature - Contemplating Miniaturisation in Global Material Culture

Jack Davy, Charlotte Dixon

Unearthing the Family of Alexander the Great - The Remarkable Discovery of the Royal Tombs of Macedon

David Grant

Sardinia - Island of Myth and Magic

Edward Burman

Masada - From Jewish Revolt to Modern Myth

Jodi Magness

The Chinese and the Iron Road - Building the Transcontinental Railroad

Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Gordon H. Chang

New Directions in Cypriot Archaeology

Catherine Kearns, Sturt W. Manning

1545: Who Sank the Mary Rose?

Peter Marsden

Water Societies and Technologies from the Past and Present

Mark Altaweel, Yijie Zhuang

The Golden Rhinoceros - Histories of the African Middle Ages

François-Xavier Fauvelle

Deities Dolls and Devices - Neolithic Figurines From Franchthi Cave Greece Fascicle 9 Excavations at Franchthi Cave Greece

Lauren E. Talalay

Landscape and People of the Franchthi Region - Fascicle 2 Excavations at Franchthi Cave Greece

Tjeerd Hendrik van Andel, Susan B. Sutton

Depositional History of Franchthi Cave - Stratigraphy Sedimentology and Chronology Fascicle 12

William R. Farrand

Les Industries lithiques taillées de Franchthi (Argolide Grèce) Volume 1 - Présentation générale et industries Paléolithiques Fascicle 3

Catherine Perlès

Les Industries lithiques taillées de Franchthi (Argolide Grèce) Volume 2 - Les Industries du Mésolithique et du Néolithique Initial Fascicle 5

Catherine Perlès

Franchthi Neolithic Pottery Volume 1 - Classification and Ceramic Phases 1 and 2 Fascicle 8

Karen D. Vitelli

Les Industries lithiques taillées de Franchthi (Argolide Grèce) Volume 3 - Du Néolithique ancien au Néolithique final Fascicle 13

Catherine Perlès

Franchthi Neolithic Pottery Volume 2 vol 2 - The Later Neolithic Ceramic Phases 3 to 5 Fascicle 10

Karen D. Vitelli