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Veteran Motor Cars

Steve Lanham

Goods Trains

Tim Bryan

The Indispensables - The Diverse Soldier-Mariners Who Shaped the Country Formed the Navy and Rowed Washington Across the Delaware

Patrick K. O'Donnell

The Murders That Made Us - How Vigilantes Hoodlums Mob Bosses Serial Killers and Cult Leaders Built the San Francisco Bay Area

Bob Calhoun

Maritime Poetics - From Coast to Hinterland

Gabriel N. Gee, Caroline Wiedmer

Motor Coaches and Charabancs

James Taylor

The Indivisible Globe the Indissoluble Nation - Universality Postcoloniality and Nationalism in the Age of Globalization

Li-Chun Hsiao

Double Lives - A History of Working Motherhood

Helen McCarthy

The New York Conspiracy: A History of the Negro Plot - With the Journal of the Proceedings Against the Conspirators at New York in the Years 1741-2

Daniel Horsmanden

History of the Jewish People in America (Vol1-7) - From the Period of the Discovery of the New World to the 20th Century

Peter Wiernik

A Life on the Lines - The Grand Old Man of Steam

R H N Hardy

The Glorious First of June 1794

Mark Lardas

Charlie Company Journeys Home - The Forgotten Impact on the Wives of Vietnam Veterans

Andrew Wiest

Trim The Cartographer's Cat - The ship's cat who helped Flinders map Australia

Philippa Sandall, Matthew Flinders, Gillian Dooley

Chicago's Great Fire - The Destruction and Resurrection of an Iconic American City

Carol Smith

The Witch of the Monongahela - Folk Magic in Early Western Pennsylvania

Thomas White

The Thomas Paine Collection - Common Sense Rights of Man and The Age of Reason

Thomas Paine

The Anarchy - The East India Company Corporate Violence and the Pillage of an Empire

William Dalrymple

Ten Days That Shook the World

John Reed

Segregation Inequality and Urban Development - Forced Evictions and Criminalisation Practices in Present-Day South Africa

Sara Dehkordi

British Goats

Tiffany Francis-Baker

The White Cockade - Historical Tales of the Jacobites

Stuart McHardy

Women in Aviation

Julian Hale

US Navy Battleships 1886–98 - The pre-dreadnoughts and monitors that fought the Spanish-American War

Brian Lane Herder

One Week in April - The Scottish Radical Rising of 1820

Maggie Craig

Railway Carriages

Tim Bryan

School of the Moon - The Highland Cattle-Raiding Tradition

Stuart McHardy

Jewish Forced Labor in Romania 1940–1944

Dallas Michelbacher

Counterinsurgency - Theory and Reality

Daniel Whittingham, Stuart Mitchell

Blood and Money - War Slavery Finance and Empire

David McNally