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The Last of Africa's Cold War Conflicts - Portuguese Guinea and its Guerilla Insurgency

Al J. Venter

On Operations with C Squadron SAS - Terrorist Pursuit & Rebel Attacks in Cold War Africa

Michael Graham

Carthage's Other Wars - Carthaginian Warfare Outside the 'Punic Wars' Against Rome

Dexter Hoyos

Operation Crusader - Tank Warfare in the Desert Tobruk 1941

Hermann Buschleb

Zulu Terror - The Mfecane Holocaust 1815–1840

Robin Binckes

Mozambican Civil War - Marxist-Apartheid Proxy 1977–1992

Stephen Emerson

Tangier - From the Romans to The Rolling Stones

Richard Hamilton

The Armour of Rommel's Afrika Korps

Ian Baxter

The Eighth Army in North Africa

Simon Forty

Britain's Desert War in Egypt & Libya 1940–1942 - 'The End of the Beginning'

David Braddock

SAS Action in Africa - Terrorists Poachers & Civil War C Squadron Operations: 1968–1980

Michael Graham

Operation Certain Death - The Inside Story of the Greatest SAS Battles

Damien Lewis

Angolan War of Liberation - Colonial–Communist Clash 1961–1974

Al J. Venter

Operation Torch 1942 - The invasion of French North Africa

Brian Lane Herder

El Alamein 1942 - Turning Point in the Desert

Richard Doherty

The Anglo-Boer War in 100 Objects - War Museum of the Boer Republics

Republics The War Museum of the Boer

Boer Guerrilla vs British Mounted Soldier - South Africa 1880–1902

Ian Knight

Affluence Without Abundance - The Disappearing World of the Bushmen

James Suzman

A Military History of Modern South Africa

Ian van der Waag

The Desert VCs - Extraordinary Valour in the North African Campaign in WWII

Brian Best

South African Armour of the Border War 1975–89

Kyle Harmse, Simon Dunstan

The History of Ancient Egypt - The Land & The People of Egypt Egyptian Mythology & Customs The Pyramid Builders The Rise of Thebes The Reign of the Great Pharaohs The Priest-Kings The Ethiopians & Persian Conquest

George Rawlinson, Arthur Gilman

The Day Rommel Was Stopped - The Battle of Ruweisat Ride 2 July 1942

F. R. Jephson, Chris Jephson

The Anglo Zulu War: Isandlwana - The Revelation of a Disaster

Ron Lock

Nile River Gunboats 1882–1918

Angus Konstam

Zama 202 BC - Scipio crushes Hannibal in North Africa

Mir Bahmanyar

Modern African Wars (5) - The Nigerian-Biafran War 1967–70

Philip Jowett

The War for Africa - Twelve Months that Transformed a Continent

Fred Bridgland

Mau Mau Rebellion - The Emergency in Kenya 1952–1956

Nicholas van der Bijl

Arab Spring Then and Now - From Hope to Despair

Patrick Cockburn, Robert W Fisk, Kim Sengupta, Independent The