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Japanese Armies 1868–1877 - The Boshin War and Satsuma Rebellion

Gabriele Esposito

In Good Faith - A History of the Vietnam War Volume 1: 1945–65

Sergio Miller

Yalu River 1950–51 - The Chinese spring the trap on MacArthur

Clayton K. S. Chun

Ia Drang 1965 - The Struggle for Vietnam’s Pleiku Province

J. P. Harris, J. Kenneth Eward

Samurai vs Ashigaru - Japan 1543–75

Stephen Turnbull

MiG Alley - The US Air Force in Korea 1950–53

Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

Java Sea 1942 - Japan's conquest of the Netherlands East Indies

Mark Stille

Russian Battleships and Cruisers of the Russo-Japanese War

Mark Lardas

The Long March 1934–35 - The rise of Mao and the beginning of modern China

Benjamin Lai

The Anarchy - The East India Company Corporate Violence and the Pillage of an Empire

William Dalrymple

The Passenger: Japan

Passenger The

The road to Kohima - The Naga experience in the Second World War

Charles Chasie, Harry Fecitt

The First Anglo-Sikh War 1845–46 - The betrayal of the Khalsa

David Smith

Korean War—Imjin River - Fall of the Glosters to the Armistice April 1951–July 1953

Gerry van Tonder

Japan Runs Wild 1942–1943

Peter Harmsen

Korean War—Chinese Invasion - People's Liberation Army Crosses the Yalu October 1950–March 1951

Gerry van Tonder

Wellington and the British Army's Indian Campaigns 1798–1805

Martin R. Howard

The Grand Scribe's Records Volume X

Ssu-ma Ch'ien

North Korea - Warring with the World

Paul Moorcraft

Russian Soldier vs Japanese Soldier - Manchuria 1904–05

David Campbell

Japan 1944–45 - LeMay’s B-29 strategic bombing campaign

Mark Lardas

Chinese Battleship vs Japanese Cruiser - Yalu River 1894

Benjamin Lai

The Devil's Trap - The Victims of the Cawnpore Massacre During the Indian Mutiny

James W. Bancroft

Grunt Slang in Vietnam - Words of the War

Gordon L. Rottman

Mapping the Great Game - Explorers Spies and Maps in 19th-Century Asia

Riaz Dean

American Armor in the Pacific

Mike Guardia

Battle for Malaya - The Indian Army in Defeat 1941–1942

Kaushik Roy

Tsushima 1905 - Death of a Russian Fleet

Mark Lardas

Bait - The Battle of Kham Duc

James D. McLeroy, Gregory W. Sanders

Sighted Sub Sank Same - The United States Navy's Air Campaign against the U-Boat

Alan C. Carey