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The Persian War in Herodotus and Other Ancient Voices

William Shepherd

The Army of Pyrrhus of Epirus - 3rd Century BC

Nicholas Sekunda



Roman Army Units in the Western Provinces (2) - 3rd Century AD

Raffaele D’Amato

Aurelian and Probus - The Soldier Emperors Who Saved Rome

Ilkka Syvänne

How to Survive in Ancient Greece

Robert Garland

Macedonian Phalangite vs Persian Warrior - Alexander confronts the Achaemenids 334–331 BC

Murray Dahm

History of the Peloponnesian War


How to Survive in Ancient Egypt

Charlotte Booth

Men of Bronze - Ancient Greek Hoplite Battles

Eric Farrington

The 1066 Norman Bruisers - How European Thugs Became English Gentry

Helen Kay

The Histories

Herodotus Herodotus

The Grand Scribe's Records Volume X

Ssu-ma Ch'ien

Socrates in Love - The Making of a Philosopher

Armand D’Angour

Who Really Won the Battle of Marathon? - A Bold Re-appraisal of One of History's Most Famous Battles

Constantinos Lagos, Fotis Karyanos

Siege Warfare During the Crusades

Michael S. Fulton

Mutina 43 BC - Mark Antony's struggle for survival

Nic Fields

Ancient Egyptian Warfare - Tactics Weaponry and Ideology of the Pharaohs

Ian Shaw

The Rise of the Hellenistic Kingdoms 336–250 BC

Philip Matyszak

A History Book for Scots - Selections from the Scotichronicon

Walter Bower

Legion versus Phalanx - The Epic Struggle for Infantry Supremacy in the Ancient World

Myke Cole

The Etruscans - 9th–2nd Centuries BC

Raffaele D’Amato, Andrea Salimbeti

Unearthing the Family of Alexander the Great - The Remarkable Discovery of the Royal Tombs of Macedon

David Grant

Greek Hoplite vs Persian Warrior - 499–479 BC

Chris McNab

Armies of the Hellenistic States 323 BC–AD 30 - History Organization & Equipment

Gabriele Esposito

Movements in European History

D.H. Lawrence

Battles and Battlefields of Ancient Greece - A Guide to Their History Topography and Archaeology

C. Jacob Butera, Matthew A. Sears

Roman Standards & Standard-Bearers (1) - 112 BC–AD 192

Raffaele D’Amato

Greek Mythology Explained - A Deeper Look at Classical Greek Lore and Myth

Marios Christou, David Ramenah

Castrum to Castle - Classical to Medieval Fortifications in the Lands of the Western Roman Empire

H. W. Kaufmann, J. E. Kaufmann