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The Art of War - Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu

Vickers Wellington Units of Bomber Command

Michael Napier

Velikiye Luki 1942–43 - The Doomed Fortress

Robert Forczyk

World War II German Super-Heavy Siege Guns

Marc Romanych, Martin Rupp

Why Didn’t You Just Do What You Were Told? - Essays

Jenny Diski

P-47D Thunderbolt vs Ki-43-II Oscar - New Guinea 1943–44

Michael John Claringbould

The Normans in Italy 1016–1194

Raffaele D’Amato, Andrea Salimbeti

Roman Soldier vs Parthian Warrior - Carrhae to Nisibis 53 BC–AD 217

Si Sheppard

Outraged - Why Everyone Is Shouting but No One Is Talking

Ashley 'Dotty' Charles

The Passenger: Turkey

Passenger The

The Book of Beautiful Questions - The Powerful Questions That Will Help You Decide Create Connect and Lead

Warren Berger

Allahu Akbar - Understanding the Great Mughal in Today's India

Manimugdha Sharma

Olympe de Gouges - Escritos disidentes

Lina Meruane, Olympe de Gouges

Demonetization - Modi's Political Masterstroke?

Pankaj Sharma, Saurav Sanyal

Outraged - Why Everyone is Shouting and No One is Talking

Ashley 'Dotty' Charles

Dictators - The Cult of Personality in the Twentieth Century

Frank Dikötter

The New Meatways and Sustainability - Discourses and Social Practices

Minna Kanerva

Between Dream Houses and "God's Own Junkyard": Architecture and the Built Environment in American Suburban Fiction

Stefanie Strebel

Japan's Asian Allies 1941–45

Philip Jowett

Veteran Motor Cars

Steve Lanham

The Medieval Longsword

Neil Grant

The Italian Blitz 1940–43 - Bomber Command’s war against Mussolini’s cities docks and factories

Richard Worrall

The Official Illustrated History of RAF Search and Rescue

Paul E Eden

American Guided Missiles of World War II

Steven J. Zaloga

To Defeat the Few - The Luftwaffe’s campaign to destroy RAF Fighter Command August–September 1940

Paul F. Crickmore, Douglas C. Dildy

The Devil's Bridge - The German Victory at Arnhem 1944

Anthony Tucker-Jones

P-40E Warhawk vs A6M2 Zero-sen - East Indies and Darwin 1942

Peter Ingman

Nierstein and Oppenheim 1945 - Patton Bounces the Rhine

Russ Rodgers

Blazing Star Setting Sun - The Guadalcanal-Solomons Campaign November 1942–March 1943

Jeffrey Cox

Learning How To Leave - A Practical Guide to Stepping Away from Toxic & Narcissistic Relationships

Michael Padraig Acton