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Re-Imagining Black Women - A Critique of Post-Feminist and Post-Racial Melodrama in Culture and Politics

Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd

Up to Heaven and Down to Hell - Fracking Freedom and Community in an American Town

Colin Jerolmack

In the Realm of the Diamond Queen - Marginality in an Out-of-the-Way Place

Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

Worlds of Care - The Emotional Lives of Fathers Caring for Children with Disabilities

Aaron J. Jackson

A War on Global Poverty - The Lost Promise of Redistribution and the Rise of Microcredit

Joanne Meyerowitz

Eight Preposterous Propositions - From the Genetics of Homosexuality to the Benefits of Global Warming

Robert Ehrlich

Uncivil Mirth - Ridicule in Enlightenment Britain

Ross Carroll

Rebellion Rascals and Revenue - Tax Follies and Wisdom through the Ages

Joel Slemrod, Michael Keen

Weak Strongman - The Limits of Power in Putin's Russia

Timothy Frye

Breaking the Social Media Prism - How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing

Christopher A. Bail

We Are the Land - A History of Native California

Damon B. Akins, William J. Bauer

The Outside - Migration as Life in Morocco

Alice Elliot

Nonstate Warfare - The Military Methods of Guerillas Warlords and Militias

Stephen Biddle

Gaming Utopia - Ludic Worlds in Art Design and Media

Claudia Costa Pederson

Black Women's Health - Paths to Wellness for Mothers and Daughters

Michele Tracy Berger

On the Line - Notes from a Factory

Joseph Ponthus

Wait I'm Working With Who?!? - The Essential Guide to Dealing with Difficult Coworkers Annoying Managers and Other Toxic Personalities

Peter Economy

Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience (60th Anniversary Edition) - The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction

Stanton T. Friedman, Kathleen Marden

We Are Not Born Submissive - How Patriarchy Shapes Women's Lives

Manon Garcia

The Age of Skin

Dubravka Ugresic

The Long Dark Road - an addictive and page-turning thriller

P.R. Black

Face of Evil

George Morris De'Ath

An Archetypal Approach to Death Dreams and Ghosts

Aniela Jaffé

The Deep State - A History of Secret Agendas and Shadow Governments

Ian Fitzgerald

573 puzzles from Japan's everyday life - Curiosities between insanity and wisdom

Rita Menge

Social Media and the Public Interest - Media Regulation in the Disinformation Age

Philip M. Napoli

Collected Essays - Slouching Towards Bethlehem The White Album and After Henry

Joan Didion

Shell-Shocked - Feminist Criticism after Trump

Bonnie Honig

Canada A Working History

Jason Russell

Aspen and the American Dream - How One Town Manages Inequality in the Era of Supergentrification

Jenny Stuber