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Warsaw Ghetto Police - The Jewish Order Service during the Nazi Occupation

Katarzyna Person

Nuclear Reactions - How Nuclear-Armed States Behave

Mark S. Bell

Dear Palestine - A Social History of the 1948 War

Shay Hazkani

Nonstate Warfare - The Military Methods of Guerillas Warlords and Militias

Stephen Biddle

History of the Colonial Virginia (3 Volumes Edition) - Patrician and Plebeian Virginia under the Stuarts & The Planters of Colonial Virginia

Thomas J. Wertenbaker

Constantinople AD 717–18 - The Crucible of History

Si Sheppard

Operation Eagle Claw 1980 - The disastrous bid to end the Iran hostage crisis

Justin Williamson

Japanese Armies 1868–1877 - The Boshin War and Satsuma Rebellion

Gabriele Esposito

French Soldier vs German Soldier - Verdun 1916

David Campbell

Drunk on Genocide - Alcohol and Mass Murder in Nazi Germany

Edward B. Westermann

Mobilizing in Uncertainty - Collective Identities and War in Abkhazia

Anastasia Shesterinina

Not for God and Country

William Murhpy

World War II US Fast Carrier Task Force Tactics 1943–45

Brian Lane Herder

Hitler's Tanks - German Panzers of World War II

Chris McNab

US Navy Cold War Guided Missile Cruisers

Mark Stille

Battle of the Atlantic 1939–41 - RAF Coastal Command's hardest fight against the U-boats

Mark Lardas

American Privateers of the Revolutionary War

Angus Konstam

Yalu River 1950–51 - The Chinese spring the trap on MacArthur

Clayton K. S. Chun

Soviet Airborne Forces 1930–91

David Campbell

British Rifleman vs French Skirmisher - Peninsular War and Waterloo 1808–15

David Greentree

In Good Faith - A History of the Vietnam War Volume 1: 1945–65

Sergio Miller

A Jewish Renaissance in Fifteenth-Century Spain

Mark D. Meyerson

Ia Drang 1965 - The Struggle for Vietnam’s Pleiku Province

J. P. Harris, J. Kenneth Eward

British Battle Tanks - Post-war Tanks 1946–2016

Simon Dunstan

Audacious Missions of World War II - Daring Acts of Bravery Revealed Through Letters and Documents from the Time

Archives The National

British Battleship vs Italian Battleship - The Mediterranean 1940–41

Mark Stille

Roman Standards & Standard-Bearers (2) - AD 192–500

Raffaele D’Amato

The History of the Panzerwaffe - Volume 3: The Panzer Division

Thomas Anderson

Zona Alfa - Salvage and Survival in the Exclusion Zone

Patrick Todoroff

The Spatha - The Roman Long Sword

M.C. Bishop