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History & Archaeology / History / Australasian & Pacific history

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Voyagers - The Settlement of the Pacific

Nicholas Thomas

A Larrikin in the Blood

Michele Fermanis-Winward

New Zealand’s Responses to the 1916 Rising

Peter Kusch, Lisa Marr

Stories that Make History - The Experience and Memories of the Japanese Military ›Comfort Girls-Women‹

War The Research Team of the, Center Women’s Human Rights

The Australian Army at War 1976–2016

Leigh Neville

Spitfire VC vs A6M2 3 Zero-sen - Darwin 1943

Peter Ingman

Australian Bushrangers 1788–1880

Ian Knight

Waves of Unreason - Australian Prime Ministers in the 21st Century

John Biggs

Dividing Texts - Conventions of Visual Text-Organisation in Nepalese and North Indian Manuscripts

Bidur Bhattarai

Pursuing Respect in the Cannibal Isles - Americans in Nineteenth-Century Fiji

Nancy Shoemaker

Going By Train - The Complete New Zealand Railways Story

Graham Hutchins

Pacific Exploration - Voyages of Discovery from Captain Cook's Endeavour to the Beagle

Glyn Williams, Pieter van der Merwe, Nigel Rigby

Genocide and Mass Violence in Asia - An Introductory Reader

Frank Jacob

The Mahogany Ship

John Egan

A New History of the Irish in Australia

Dianne Hall, Elizabeth Malcolm

Landing in Hell - The Pyrrhic Victory of the First Marine Division on Peleliu 1944

Peter Margaritis

Paradise in Chains - The Bounty Mutiny and the Founding of Australia

Diana Preston

The Nivison Annals - Selected Works of David S Nivison on Early Chinese Chronology Astronomy and Historiography

David S. Nivison

Beyond Hawai'i - Native Labor in the Pacific World

Gregory Rosenthal

Abelam people History and Culture - Tradition and Social Environment

James Cloude

Darwin 1942 - The Japanese attack on Australia

Bob Alford

Backseat Drivers - A road trip along the Hume Highway with some opinionated voices from Australia's history

Craig Cormick

Australians - Flappers to Vietnam

Thomas Keneally

Discoveries in Australia (Vol 1&2) - With an Account of the Coasts and Rivers Explored and Surveyed During the Voyage of H M S Beagle

John Lort Stokes

Gas Pedal to Back-Pedal

Keith Mexsom

The Shearer and the Magistrate

John Lynch

Cruise Through History - Australia New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

Sherry Hutt

History of Tasmania

John West

Quarterly Essay 80 The High Road - What Australia can learn from New Zealand

Laura Tingle

An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Aborigines and the State of their Relations with Europeans

Edward John Eyre