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1177 BC - The Year Civilization Collapsed: Revised and Updated

Eric H. Cline

Heroes - The Greek Myths Reimagined

Stephen Fry

Voyagers - The Settlement of the Pacific

Nicholas Thomas

The Persian War in Herodotus and Other Ancient Voices

William Shepherd

Ancient Macedonia

Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos

Rome Is Burning - Nero and the Fire That Ended a Dynasty

Anthony A. Barrett

Digging Deeper - How Archaeology Works

Eric H. Cline

Ravenna - Capital of Empire Crucible of Europe

Judith Herrin

The Humanity of Thucydides

Clifford Orwin

Against Demagogues - What Aristophanes Can Teach Us about the Perils of Populism and the Fate of Democracy New Translations of the Acharnians and the Knights

Robert C. Bartlett

The Army of Pyrrhus of Epirus - 3rd Century BC

Nicholas Sekunda

The Selected Letters of Cassiodorus - A Sixth-Century Sourcebook


Roman Army Units in the Western Provinces (2) - 3rd Century AD

Raffaele D’Amato

The Hieroglyphics of Horapollo

Horapollo Niliacus

Cyrus The Great

Stephen Dando-Collins

Macedonian Phalangite vs Persian Warrior - Alexander confronts the Achaemenids 334–331 BC

Murray Dahm

History of the Peloponnesian War


Men of Bronze - Ancient Greek Hoplite Battles

Eric Farrington

Greek Warfare beyond the Polis - Defense Strategy and the Making of Ancient Federal States

David A. Blome

The Histories

Herodotus Herodotus

The Muqaddimah - An Introduction to History - Abridged Edition

Ibn Ibn Khaldûn

Socrates in Love - The Making of a Philosopher

Armand D’Angour

How to Be a Bad Emperor - An Ancient Guide to Truly Terrible Leaders


Mutina 43 BC - Mark Antony's struggle for survival

Nic Fields

Ancient Egyptian Warfare - Tactics Weaponry and Ideology of the Pharaohs

Ian Shaw

Rulership in 1st to 14th century Scandinavia - Royal graves and sites at Avaldsnes and beyond

Dagfinn Skre

The Roll in England and France in the Late Middle Ages - Form and Content

Jörg Peltzer, Stefan G. Holz, Maree Shirota

Handbook of Ancient Afro-Eurasian Economies - Volume 1: Contexts

Sitta Reden

Ancient Knowledge Networks - A Social Geography of Cuneiform Scholarship in First-Millennium Assyria and Babylonia

Eleanor Robson

Medea - A New Translation

Euripides Euripides