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The Autocratic Middle Class - How State Dependency Reduces the Demand for Democracy

Bryn Rosenfeld

Distributing Condoms and Hope - The Racialized Politics of Youth Sexual Health

Chris A. Barcelos

Gangsters and Other Statesmen - Mafias Separatists and Torn States in a Globalized World

Danilo Mandić

The Greater India Experiment - Hindutva and the Northeast

Arkotong Longkumer

The Child Sex Scandal and Modern Irish Literature - Writing the Unspeakable

Joseph Valente, Margot Gayle Backus

Normalized Financial Wrongdoing - How Re-regulating Markets Created Risks and Fostered Inequality

Harland Prechel

Keywords for American Cultural Studies Third Edition

Bruce Burgett, Glenn Hendler

Horrible White People - Gender Genre and Television's Precarious Whiteness

Taylor Nygaard, Jorie Lagerwey

American Awakening - Identity Politics and Other Afflictions of Our Time

Joshua Mitchell

Coming Out to the Streets - LGBTQ Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Brandon Andrew Robinson

The Long Dark Road - an addictive and page-turning thriller

P.R. Black

The World's Worst Conspiracies

Mike Rothschild

The Deep State - A History of Secret Agendas and Shadow Governments

Ian Fitzgerald

The Journey - A Spiritual Adventure

David Trueman

Reinventing Masculinity - The Liberating Power of Compassion and Connection

Ed Frauenheim, Ed Adams

Visitors at the End of Life - Finding Meaning and Purpose in Near-Death Phenomena

Allan Kellehear

Conversations in a Country Store - Reiminiscing on Maryland's Eastern Shore

Hal Roth

Hush Little Baby - the electrifying new domestic crime thriller

Jane Isaac

Made Possible - Stories of success by people with learning disabilities – in their own words

Saba Salman

The Race Card - From Gaming Technologies to Model Minorities

Tara Fickle

Lasticle - Last Longer In Bed - A Man's Final PE Goodbye Guide to Permanently and Naturally Cure Premature Ejaculation Without Sex Pills Viagrá Tablets or Spray

Joe Clef

Sword of Shadows

Jeri Westerson

That Was When People Started to Worry - Windows into Unwell Minds

Nancy Tucker

I AM Mbare - You are Mbare - We are Mbare - Let´s Ignite Our Community

PhD Tengler

Joyce - The Return of the Repressed

Susan Stanford Friedman

Zionist Israel and the Question of Palestine - Jewish Statehood and the History of the Middle East Conflict

Tamar Amar-Dahl

Hiding the Guillotine - Public Executions in France 1870–1939

Emmanuel Taïeb

How to Prevent Coups d'État - Counterbalancing and Regime Survival

Erica De Bruin

Living by the Sword - Weapons and Material Culture in France and Britain 600–1600

Kristen Brooke Neuschel

The Future of British Politics

Frankie Boyle