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The Autocratic Middle Class - How State Dependency Reduces the Demand for Democracy

Bryn Rosenfeld

Infrapolitical Passages - Global Turmoil Narco-Accumulation and the Post-Sovereign State

Garth Williams

World Literature for the Wretched of the Earth - Anticolonial Aesthetics Postcolonial Politics

J. Daniel Elam

Distributing Condoms and Hope - The Racialized Politics of Youth Sexual Health

Chris A. Barcelos

The Child Sex Scandal and Modern Irish Literature - Writing the Unspeakable

Joseph Valente, Margot Gayle Backus

The Greater India Experiment - Hindutva and the Northeast

Arkotong Longkumer

Gangsters and Other Statesmen - Mafias Separatists and Torn States in a Globalized World

Danilo Mandić

The Novel and the New Ethics

Dorothy J. Hale

Games for Your Mind - The History and Future of Logic Puzzles

Jason Rosenhouse

Normalized Financial Wrongdoing - How Re-regulating Markets Created Risks and Fostered Inequality

Harland Prechel

Horrible White People - Gender Genre and Television's Precarious Whiteness

Taylor Nygaard, Jorie Lagerwey

Keywords for American Cultural Studies Third Edition

Bruce Burgett, Glenn Hendler

Coming Out to the Streets - LGBTQ Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Brandon Andrew Robinson

A Spy for an Unknown Country: Essays and Lectures by Merab Mamardashvili

Merab Mamardashvili

American Awakening - Identity Politics and Other Afflictions of Our Time

Joshua Mitchell

The Long Dark Road - an addictive and page-turning thriller

P.R. Black

The Chocolate Maker's Wife - A Novel

Karen Brooks

The World's Worst Conspiracies

Mike Rothschild

Iceman Awakens

Sharon Krasny

Sons of Rome

Simon Turney, Gordon Doherty

Legion of the Occult - A thrilling action-packed fantasy escape

Roberto Genovesi

The Deep State - A History of Secret Agendas and Shadow Governments

Ian Fitzgerald

Stick a Flag in It - 1000 years of bizarre history from Britain and beyond

Arran Lomas

The Journey - A Spiritual Adventure

David Trueman

Conscious - A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind

Annaka Harris

Reinventing Masculinity - The Liberating Power of Compassion and Connection

Ed Frauenheim, Ed Adams

Visitors at the End of Life - Finding Meaning and Purpose in Near-Death Phenomena

Allan Kellehear

Hosts and Guests - Poems

Nate Klug

Egypt's Occupation - Colonial Economism and the Crises of Capitalism

Aaron G. Jakes

Conversations in a Country Store - Reiminiscing on Maryland's Eastern Shore

Hal Roth