"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island." - Walt Disney
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The Failures of Philosophy - A Historical Essay

Stephen Gaukroger

How to Think Politically - Sages Scholars and Statesmen Whose Ideas Have Shaped the World

James Bernard Murphy, Graeme Garrard

On Being Me - A Personal Invitation to Philosophy

J. David Velleman

Agents’ Abilities

Romy Jaster

The World Philosophy Made - From Plato to the Digital Age

Scott Soames

Artificial You - AI and the Future of Your Mind

Susan Schneider

On Mercy

Malcolm Bull

How to Be Free - An Ancient Guide to the Stoic Life

Epictetus Epictetus

Midlife - A Philosophical Guide

Kieran Setiya

How to be Cool - The 150 Essential Idols Ideals and Other Cool S***

Thomas W Hodgkinson

Love Voltaire Us Apart - A Philosopher’s Guide to Relationships

Julia Edelman

The Wisdom of Frugality - Why Less Is More - More or Less

Emyrs Westacott

Ethics in the Real World - 82 Brief Essays on Things That Matter

Peter Singer

Games are not - The difficult and definitive guide to what video games are

David A Myers