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Philosophy / History of philosophy, philosophical traditions

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Hermeneutics as Critique - Science Politics Race and Culture

Lorenzo C. Simpson

Kant on Love

Pärttyli Rinne

The Betrayal of Substance - Death Literature and Sexual Difference in Hegel’s “Phenomenology of Spirit”

Mary C. Rawlinson

Princes of the Renaissance

Mary Hollingsworth

Meditations on First Philosophy & Other Metaphysical Writings

René Descartes

Three in the morning and four in the afternoon

Wide Ocean

All Things Natural - Ficino On Plato's TIMAEUS

Ficino Ficino

The Awakening of Intelligence

J. Krishnamurti

In Defense of Secrets

Anne Dufourmantelle

Lotus Lake Dragon Pool

Trevor Leggett

Romance of the Grail - The Magic and Mystery of Arthurian Myth

Joseph Campbell

Intervolution - Smart Bodies Smart Things

Mark C. Taylor

World Literature for the Wretched of the Earth - Anticolonial Aesthetics Postcolonial Politics

J. Daniel Elam

Critique on the Couch - Why Critical Theory Needs Psychoanalysis

Amy Allen

Frederick the Great's Philosophical Writings

Frederick II

“Dharma Philosophy” - Meditations of Lama Dharma DingDong

B. Cumming

Ancient Macedonia

Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos

Toward a Concrete Philosophy - Heidegger and the Emergence of the Frankfurt School

Mikko Immanen

The Failures of Philosophy - A Historical Essay

Stephen Gaukroger

Philosophy - From the Ancient Greeks to Great Thinkers of Modern Times

Anne Rooney

Decisions and Transformations - The Phenomenology of Embodiment

James Richard Mensch

Allegory in Early Greek Philosophy

Jennifer Lobo Meeks

Beyond Good and Evil

Frederich Nietzsche

Open Democracy - Reinventing Popular Rule for the Twenty-First Century

Hélène Landemore

How to Give - An Ancient Guide to Giving and Receiving


The Murder of Professor Schlick - The Rise and Fall of the Vienna Circle

David Edmonds

How to Be Content - An Ancient Poet's Guide for an Age of Excess

Horace, Stephen Harrison

World Classics Library: Nietzsche - Thus Spake Zarathustra Ecce Homo Beyond Good and Evil

Frederich Nietzsche

World Classics Library: Plato - The Republic Charmides Meno Gorgias Parmenides Symposium Euthyphro Apology Crito Phaedo

Plato Plato

Kant and the Spirit of Critique

John Sallis