"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island." - Walt Disney
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On 21st Century Nuclear Deterrence - Recommendations for America's Nuclear Posture After Next - Volume 1

Joe Buff

Hitler's Tanks - German Panzers of World War II

Chris McNab

British Rifleman vs French Skirmisher - Peninsular War and Waterloo 1808–15

David Greentree

In Good Faith - A History of the Vietnam War Volume 1: 1945–65

Sergio Miller

War and Genocide in South Sudan

Clémence Pinaud

British Battle Tanks - Post-war Tanks 1946–2016

Simon Dunstan

Schweinfurt–Regensburg 1943 - Eighth Air Force’s costly early daylight battles

Marshall Michel III

The History of the Panzerwaffe - Volume 3: The Panzer Division

Thomas Anderson

Audacious Missions of World War II - Daring Acts of Bravery Revealed Through Letters and Documents from the Time

Archives The National

Roman Standards & Standard-Bearers (2) - AD 192–500

Raffaele D’Amato

Ia Drang 1965 - The Struggle for Vietnam’s Pleiku Province

J. P. Harris, J. Kenneth Eward

British Battleship vs Italian Battleship - The Mediterranean 1940–41

Mark Stille

The Spatha - The Roman Long Sword

M.C. Bishop

Me 262 vs P-51 Mustang - Europe 1944–45

Robert Forsyth

Desertion - Trust and Mistrust in Civil Wars

Theodore McLauchlin

The Persian War in Herodotus and Other Ancient Voices

William Shepherd

Samurai vs Ashigaru - Japan 1543–75

Stephen Turnbull

MiG Alley - The US Air Force in Korea 1950–53

Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

German Guided Missiles of World War II - Fritz-X to Wasserfall and X4

Steven J. Zaloga

Tirpitz in Norway - X-craft midget submarines raid the fjords Operation Source 1943

Angus Konstam

Me 210 410 Zerstörer Units

Robert Forsyth

Hotchkiss Machine Guns - From Verdun to Iwo Jima

John Walter

Sent by the Iron Sky - The Legacy of an American Parachute Battalion in World War II

Ian Gardner

Java Sea 1942 - Japan's conquest of the Netherlands East Indies

Mark Stille

Guadalcanal 1942–43 - Japan's bid to knock out Henderson Field and the Cactus Air Force

Mark Stille

Raiders from New France - North American Forest Warfare Tactics 17th–18th Centuries

René Chartrand

How to Prevent Coups d'État - Counterbalancing and Regime Survival

Erica De Bruin

Living by the Sword - Weapons and Material Culture in France and Britain 600–1600

Kristen Brooke Neuschel

Sicily '43 - The First Assault on Fortress Europe

James Holland

Tank Warfare

Jeremy Black