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Prototype Nation - China and the Contested Promise of Innovation

Silvia M. Lindtner

Conscious - A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind

Annaka Harris

ChatDicted 10 - Men’s Best Dating and Relationship Guide on How to Text a Girl to Get Her Hooked and Fall Madly in Love with You Unlike Those Boring Nice Guys

Joe Clef

FemaleSextapes - Men’s Secret Conversation Casanova Skill in Dating on How to Start & Keep a Flirty & Witty Discussion with a Girl & in a Relationship Like a Boss

Joe Clef

The Anatomy of Fake News - A Critical News Literacy Education

Nolan Higdon

Crossing Boundaries - A Traveler’s Guide to World Peace

Aziz Abu Sarah

Governing the Urban in China and India - Land Grabs Slum Clearance and the War on Air Pollution

Xuefei Ren

Metrics at Work - Journalism and the Contested Meaning of Algorithms

Angele Christin

Challenges and alternatives towards peacebuilding - A rural development perspective

Israel Biel Portero, Andrea Carolina Casanova Mejía, Amanda Janneth Riascos Mora, Alba Lucy Ortega Salas, Luis Andrés Salas Zambrano, Franco Andrés Montenegro Coral, Julie Andrea Benavides Melo, Deicy Andrea Villarreal Rodríguez, Ángela Roció Mora Caicedo, Karen Eugenia Ocaña Figueroa, Natalia Villota Benavides, Juan Camilo Fajardo Goyes, Álvaro Mauricio Chamorro Rosero, Fernando Andrés Mosquera Navia, David Eduardo López Pantoja, Jesús Esteban Guerrero Fajardo, Ángela Marcela Castillo Burbano, Claudia Andrea Guerrero Martínez

The Ages of Globalization - Geography Technology and Institutions

Jeffrey D. Sachs

Dying for an iPhone - Apple Foxconn and The Lives of China's Workers

Jenny Chan, Mark Selden, Ngai Pun

The Socialist Good Life - Desire Development and Standards of Living in Eastern Europe

Zsuzsa Gille, Cristofer Scarboro, Diana Mincyte

Anatomy of Criticism - Four Essays

Northrop Frye

Fulfilled - The Passion & Provision Strategy for Building a Business with Profit Purpo

Kathryn Redman, Michael K. Redman

How to Listen and How to Be Heard - Inclusive Conversations at Work

Alissa Carpenter

Comparing the Literatures - Literary Studies in a Global Age

David Damrosch

Agents’ Abilities

Romy Jaster

The First Political Order - How Sex Shapes Governance and National Security Worldwide

Valerie Hudson, Donna Lee Bowen, Perpetua Lynne Nielsen

Urban Claims and the Right to the City - Grassroots Perspectives from Salvador da Bahia and London

Julian Walker, Marcos Bau Carvalho, Ilinca Diaconescu

Violating Peace - Sex Aid and Peacekeeping

Jasmine-Kim Westendorf

When There Was No Aid - War and Peace in Somaliland

Sarah G. Phillips

Billionaire Wilderness - The Ultra-Wealthy and the Remaking of the American West

Justin Farrell

Comply with Me - Trump's Hypnosis Toolkit Exposed

Elisa Morgan

The Evolution of Knowledge - Rethinking Science for the Anthropocene

Jürgen Renn

The Emergence of Multiple-Text Manuscripts

Michael Friedrich, Alessandro Bausi, Marilena Maniaci

Socialist Heritage - The Politics of Past and Place in Romania

Emanuela Grama

Chinese Annals in the Western Observatory - An Outline of Western Studies of Chinese Unearthed Documents

Edward Shaughnessy

Tomorrow's World Order THE CONSTITUTION - & Our Important Principles

David Gomadza

Rereading Marx in the Age of Digital Capitalism

Christian Fuchs

Revolutionary Love - A Political Manifesto to Heal and Transform the World

Michael Lerner