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Confucius and Cicero - Old Ideas for a New World New Ideas for an Old World

Andrea Balbo, Jaewon Ahn

Strange coincidences in your life - Small curious events Forebodings Telepathy Does it happen to you too? Quantum physics and the theory of synchronicity explain extrasensory phenomena

George Anderson

The Spinal Step

Vasudev Sadhguru Jaggi

Philosophy of Globalization

Johannes Rohbeck, Concha Roldán, Daniel Brauer

The Arts and Crafts of Literacy - Islamic Manuscript Cultures in Sub-Saharan Africa

Andrea Brigaglia, Mauro Nobili

How to Be a Bad Emperor - An Ancient Guide to Truly Terrible Leaders


Two Studies of Friedrich Hölderlin

Werner Hamacher

The Three Great Races

Anonymous Anonymous

Dialogues with oscar wilde

Evi Tsaousaki

Psychology Classics - Science and Philosophy The Psychology and Psychotherapy of Otto Rank and Dictionary of Hypnosis

Alfred North Whitehead, Fay B. Karpf, Ralph B. Winn

The History of Torture

Brian Innes

Radical Botany - Plants and Speculative Fiction

Natania Meeker, Antónia Szabari

Cosmopolitan Responsibility - Global Injustice Relational Equality and Individual Agency

Jan-Christoph Heilinger

The Metaphysics of Epistemologically Different Worlds

Mihai Vacariu, Gabriel Vacariu

Jacques the Sophist - Lacan Logos and Psychoanalysis

Barbara Cassin

Goethe’s Faust and the Divan of Ḥāfiẓ - Body and Soul in Pursuit of Knowledge and Beauty

Hiwa Michaeli

Giving Way - Thoughts on Unappreciated Dispositions

Steven Connor

Artificial You - AI and the Future of Your Mind

Susan Schneider

A Philosophy of the Insect

Jean-Marc Drouin

A Desire Called America - Biopolitics Utopia and the Literary Commons

Christian Haines

In Praise of Risk

Anne Dufourmantelle

MillenniALL - How to claim your future in the Age of the Millennial

Sean Purcell

What Would Be Different - Figures of Possibility in Adorno

Iain Macdonald

Foundations of Christian Culture

Ivan Ilyin

Limits - Why Malthus Was Wrong and Why Environmentalists Should Care

Giorgos Kallis

Applied Metapsychology Dictionary

Frank A. Gerbode

In the Ruins of Neoliberalism - The Rise of Antidemocratic Politics in the West

Wendy Brown

Out of Our Minds - What We Think and How We Came to Think It

Felipe Fernández-Armesto

The Dark Sides of Empathy

Fritz Breithaupt

Old Whigs - Burke Lincoln and the Politics of Prudence

Greg Weiner