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Europe and Its Shadows - Coloniality after Empire

Hamid Dabashi

What Would the Hoff Do? - Un-Hoff-icial Life Lessons from David Hasselhoff

Mitchell Adams

The Little Book of Adult Games - Naughty Games for Grown-Ups

Sadie Cayman

What If It Were You? - A Collection of Human Rights Poetry

Elizabeth Arif-Fear

Personal Struggles - Oppression healing and liberation

Seán Ruth

Lasticle - Last Longer In Bed - A Man's Final PE Goodbye Guide to Permanently and Naturally Cure Premature Ejaculation Without Sex Pills Viagrá Tablets or Spray

Joe Clef

The Way Home - Tales from a Life Without Technology

Mark Boyle

the princess saves herself in this one

Amanda Lovelace, ladybookmad

Heart Berries - A Memoir

Terese Marie Mailhot

The Man They Wanted Me to Be - Toxic Masculinity and a Crisis of Our Own Making

Jared Yates Sexton

The Extraordinary Man - Reconnect to Your Masculine Power To Achieve Purpose Freedom & Wealth

Arthur Magoulianiti

The Comics of Rutu Modan - War Love and Secrets

Kevin Haworth

The Art of War

Sun Tzu

I Am Her Tribe

Danielle Doby

That Was When People Started to Worry - Windows into Unwell Minds

Nancy Tucker

the witch doesn't burn in this one

Amanda Lovelace, ladybookmad

Autobiographical Voices - Race Gender Self-Portraiture

Françoise Lionnet

Deadly Obsessions - Three True Crime Sagas

Joan Barthel

Deadly Obsessions - Three True Crime Sagas

Joan Barthel

American Murder - Three True Crime Classics

Darcy O'Brien

Evidence of Love - A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs

John Bloom, Jim Atkinson

Serpentine - The True Story of a Serial Killer's Reign of Terror from Europe to South Asia

Thomas Thompson

Butcher Baker - The True Account of an Alaskan Serial Killer

Walter Gilmour, Leland E. Hale

The Songlines

Bruce Chatwin

Closing Time - The True Story of the "Looking for Mr Goodbar" Murder

Lacey Fosburgh

The Atlas of Global Inequalities

Suresh K. Lodha, Ben Crow

The Playdate - Parents Children and the New Expectations of Play

Tamara R. Mose

The Well-Being of Children - Philosophical and Social Scientific Approaches

Gottfried Schweiger, Gunter Graf

Hunting Monsters - Cryptozoology and the Reality Behind the Myths

Darren Naish

Transforming Institutions - Undergraduate Stem Education for the 21st Century

Gabriela C. Weaver