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Studies In Classic American Literature

D. H. Lawrence

Shadowlands - Fear and Freedom at the Oregon Standoff

Anthony McCann

The Joshua Generation - Israeli Occupation and the Bible

Rachel Havrelock

A City in Fragments - Urban Text in Modern Jerusalem

Yair Wallach

Dark Finance - Illiquidity and Authoritarianism at the Margins of Europe

Fabio Mattioli

A Window on Intelligence - The Philosophy of People Software and Evolution – and Its Implications

Dennis Hackethal

Bolt Action: Campaign: D-Day: Overlord

Warlord Games

US Navy Battleships 1886–98 - The pre-dreadnoughts and monitors that fought the Spanish-American War

Brian Lane Herder

The Australian Army at War 1976–2016

Leigh Neville

German submarine U-1105 'Black Panther' - The naval archaeology of a U-boat

Aaron Stephan Hamilton

Walker Bulldog vs T-54 - Laos and Vietnam 1971–75

Chris McNab

A Practical Way to Feel Better - San Francisco Seminars on Psychoanalysis

Gerardo Arenas

An Officer's Manual of the Western Front - 1914-1918

Stephen Bull

Women in Aviation

Julian Hale

Union Sharpshooter vs Confederate Sharpshooter - American Civil War 1861–65

Gary Yee

F-80 Shooting Star Units of the Korean War

Warren Thompson

Armies of Russia's War in Ukraine

Mark Galeotti

Six-Day War 1967 - Operation Focus and the 12 hours that changed the Middle East

Shlomo Aloni

The SAS Pocket Manual - 1941-1945

Christopher Westhorp

What Now? - 2-Minute Tips for Solving Common Parenting Challenges

Rachel Biale

A People's Guide to Greater Boston

Joseph Nevins, Suren Moodliar, Eleni Macrakis

Psychology and the Occult - (From Vols 1 8 18 Collected Works)

C. G. Jung

Psychology and the East - (From Vols 10 11 13 18 Collected Works)

C. G. Jung

Jung on Mythology

C. G. Jung

Einstein's German World - New Edition

Fritz Stern

Behind the Geometrical Method - A Reading of Spinoza's Ethics

Edwin Curley

Western Europe’s Democratic Age - 1945—1968

Martin Conway

Ballots and Breakups - The Games Politicians Play

Sunita Aron

The Prison-House of Language - A Critical Account of Structuralism and Russian Formalism

Fredric Jameson

Aspects of the Masculine

C. G. Jung