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The Army of Pyrrhus of Epirus - 3rd Century BC

Nicholas Sekunda

Hunt the Bismarck - The pursuit of Germany's most famous battleship

Angus Konstam

Sioux Warrior vs US Cavalryman - The Little Bighorn campaign 1876–77

Ron Field

The Long March 1934–35 - The rise of Mao and the beginning of modern China

Benjamin Lai

Jet Prototypes of World War II - Gloster Heinkel and Caproni Campini's wartime jet programmes

Tony Buttler

Battle of Berlin 1943–44 - Bomber Harris' gamble to end the war

Richard Worrall

Soviet T-55 Main Battle Tank

James Kinnear, Stephen Sewell

MacArthur’s Air Force - American Airpower over the Pacific and the Far East 1941–51

Bill Yenne

Tempest V vs Fw 190D-9 - 1944–45

Robert Forsyth

British Escort Carriers 1941–45

Angus Konstam

Dornier Do 17 Units of World War 2

Chris Goss

Nieuwpoort 1600 - The First Modern Battle

Bouko de Groot

Legion of the Occult - A thrilling action-packed fantasy escape

Roberto Genovesi

Prototype Nation - China and the Contested Promise of Innovation

Silvia M. Lindtner

A Queer New York - Geographies of Lesbians Dykes and Queers

Jen Jack Gieseking

Hosts and Guests - Poems

Nate Klug

Black Fatigue - How Racism Erodes the Mind Body and Spirit

Mary-Frances Winters

Colour Matters? - The Truth That No One Wants to See

Anuranjita Kumar

The Price We Pay - What Broke American Health Care--and How to Fix It

Marty Makary

The Death of Nature

Carolyn Merchant

The Anarchy - The East India Company Corporate Violence and the Pillage of an Empire

William Dalrymple

We Stand Divided - The Rift Between American Jews and Israel

Daniel Gordis

New Zealand’s Responses to the 1916 Rising

Peter Kuchs, Lisa Marr

The Book of Old Ladies - Celebrating Women of a Certain Age in Fiction

Ruth O. Saxton

Chimpanzee Culture Wars - Rethinking Human Nature alongside Japanese European and American Cultural Primatologists

Nicolas Langlitz

The War on the Uyghurs - China's Internal Campaign against a Muslim Minority

Sean R. Roberts

This Is Ohio - The Overdose Crisis and the Front Lines of a New America

Jack Shuler

Successful on and off the stock exchange - Governance practices in family firms

Bianca Braun, Sonja Kissling

Grilled - Turning Adversaries into Allies to Change the Chicken Industry

Leah Garcés

Limitless Mind - Learn Lead and Live Without Barriers

Jo Boaler