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Balmoral Cemetery - The History of Belfast Written in Stone

Tom Hartley

The History of Christ Church Cathedral School Oxford

Michael Lee, Richard Lane

For the Love of Scotland - A Celebration of All Things Scottish

Norman Ferguson

Thetford Grammar School - Fourteen Centuries of Education

David Seymour

The Face of Decline - The Pennsylvania Anthracite Region in the Twentieth Century

Thomas Dublin, Walter Licht

Running the Rails - Capital and Labor in the Philadelphia Transit Industry

James Wolfinger

Making Immigrant Rights Real - Nonprofits and the Politics of Integration in San Francisco

Els de Graauw

Kodiak Kreol - Communities of Empire in Early Russian America

Gwenn A. Miller

Reforming New Orleans - The Contentious Politics of Change in the Big Easy

Peter F. Burns, Matthew O. Thomas

Disowning Slavery - Gradual Emancipation and "Race" in New England 1780–1860

Joanne Pope Melish

Wild Yankees - The Struggle for Independence along Pennsylvania's Revolutionary Frontier

Paul B. Moyer

A Not Too Greatly Changed Eden - The Story of the Philosophers' Camp in the Adirondacks

James Schlett

"No One Helped" - Kitty Genovese New York City and the Myth of Urban Apathy

Marcia M. Gallo

The Burned-over District - The Social and Intellectual History of Enthusiastic Religion in Western New York 1800–1850

Whitney R. Cross

Claiming the Pen - Women and Intellectual Life in the Early American South

Catherine Kerrison

Victorian Brackley

John Clark

The Little Book of Cumbria

David Ramshaw

A Haverin' History of Scotland

Norman Ferguson

Perthshire Folk Tales

Lindsey Gibb, C.A. Hope

Great War Britain Liverpool: Remembering 1914-18 - Remembering 1914-18

Pamela Russell

Cornish Short Stories - A Collection of Contemporary Cornish Writing

Tim Hannigan

Murder at the Bayswater Bicycle Club - A Frances Doughty Mystery 8

Linda Stratmann

The Napoleonic Prison of Norman Cross

Paul Chamberlain

The Blue Badge Guide's Liverpool Quiz Book

Peter J. Colyer

Votes for Women - Cheltenham and the Cotswolds

Sue Jones

Midlothian Folk Tales

Lea Taylor

A History of Luton - From Conquerors to Carnival

Anne Allsopp

Colchester - A History

Andrew Phillips

The A-Z of Curious Sussex - Strange Stories of Mysteries Crimes and Eccentrics

Wendy Hughes

The A-Z of Curious Aberdeenshire - Strange Stories of Mysteries Crimes and Eccentrics

Duncan Harley