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Humanities & Social Sciences

Philosophy / History of philosophy, philosophical traditions

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The Art of Chinese Philosophy - Eight Classical Texts and How to Read Them

Paul Goldin

If I’m So Zen Why is My Hair Falling Out? - How Anxiety and Past Trauma Manifest in the Physical Body

Amanda Lera

The Poetic Apriori - Philosophical Imagination in a Meaningful Universe

Raymond C. Barfield

Fear of Breakdown - Politics and Psychoanalysis

Noëlle McAfee

The Public and the Private in Aristotle's Political Philosophy

Judith A. Swanson

Creative Mythology

Joseph Campbell

Capitalism on Edge - How Fighting Precarity Can Achieve Radical Change Without Crisis or Utopia

Albena Azmanova

Confucius and Cicero - Old Ideas for a New World New Ideas for an Old World

Andrea Balbo, Jaewon Ahn

How to Be a Leader - An Ancient Guide to Wise Leadership

Plutarch Plutarch

Goethe’s Faust and the Divan of Ḥāfiẓ - Body and Soul in Pursuit of Knowledge and Beauty

Hiwa Michaeli

Applied Metapsychology Dictionary

Frank A. Gerbode

In the Ruins of Neoliberalism - The Rise of Antidemocratic Politics in the West

Wendy Brown

Old Whigs - Burke Lincoln and the Politics of Prudence

Greg Weiner

Gita - Yama Agastya Ashtavakra Sanatan

Munindra Misra

Light Rays

Munindra Misra

Emancipation After Hegel - Achieving a Contradictory Revolution

Todd McGowan

Visualization - 5O Creative Guide To Create Your Dream Life And Manifest Abundance Creativity And Success!

Kellie Sullivan

Eastern Philosophy - The Greatest Thinkers and Sages from Ancient to Modern Times

Kevin Burns

Sons of the Gods Children of Earth - Ideology and Literary Form in Ancient Greece

Peter W. Rose

The Idea of the Book in the Middle Ages - Language Theory Mythology and Fiction

Jesse Gellrich

Timeless Tales of a Wise Sage - Panchatantra Retold

Mahesh Prabhu

Hygge Home - Keep Your Home Life Simple with Danish Living concepts

Thomas Nelson

Hygge Living - The Practical Guide To Creating a Simple & Cozy Lifestyle The Danish Way

Thomas Nelson

Brutal Reasoning - Animals Rationality and Humanity in Early Modern England

Erica Fudge

Videophilosophy - The Perception of Time in Post-Fordism

Maurizio Lazzarato

Friendship & Other Essays

Ralph Waldo Emerson

On Happiness


Thus Spake Zarathustra

Frederich Nietzsche

Plato's Metaphysics of Soul - Reflexions on the Actuality of Ancient Greek Philosophy

Christoph Quarch

Countersexual Manifesto

Paul B. Preciado