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Studying Diversity Migration and Urban Multiculture - Convivial Tools for Research and Practice

Magdalena Nowicka, Mette Louise Berg

Marxist Literary Criticism Today

Barbara Foley

The History of Christ Church Cathedral School Oxford

Michael Lee, Richard Lane

The Once and Future Worker - A Vision for the Renewal of Work in America

Oren Cass

Higher Education in Post-Communist States - Comparative and Sociological Perspectives

Gary Hazeldine, A. Salem, David Morgan

Citizen Science - Innovation in Open Science Society and Policy

Susanne Hecker, Muki Haklay, Anne Bowser, Zen Makuch, Johannes Vogel, Aletta Bonn

Taking Charge of Your Career - The Essential Guide to Finding the Job That's Right for You

Camilla Arnold, Jane Barrett

An East Oxford Education - A history of East Oxford School

Russell Kaye

How to be a Study Ninja - Study smarter Focus better Achieve more

Graham Allcott

A Blindefellows Chronicle

Auriel Roe

How to Thrive and Survive as a Working Woman - The Coach-Yourself Toolkit

Fiona Elsa Dent, Vicki Holton

Thetford Grammar School - Fourteen Centuries of Education

David Seymour

Find Your Balance Point - Clarify Your Priorities Simplify Your Life and Achieve More

Brian Tracy, Christina Stein

French Sociology

Johan Heilbron

The Autism Discussion Page on Stress Anxiety Shutdowns and Meltdowns - Proactive Strategies for Minimizing Sensory Social and Emotional Overload

Bill Nason

Stop Bedwetting in Seven Days - A simple step-by-step guide to help children conquer bedwetting problems

Alicia Eaton

Dimensions of Impact in the Social Sciences - The Case of Social Policy Sociology and Political Science Research

Tina Haux

Education and Race from Empire to Brexit

Sally Tomlinson

Improving Services for Transgender and Gender Variant Youth - Research Policy and Practice for Health and Social Care Professionals

Tiffany Jones

THRIVE: How To Achieve and Sustain High-level Career Success

Dan Williams

A Guide to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - Information and Advice for Teachers and Parents

Janet Hoskin

Dyslexia is My Superpower (Most of the Time)

Margaret Rooke

Education War and Peace: The Surprising Success of Private Schools in War-Torn Countries - The Surprising Success of Private Schools in War-Torn Countries

James Tooley, David Longfield

Critical Psychiatry - A Biography

Ian Cummins

Observing and Developing Schematic Behaviour in Young Children - A Professional’s Guide for Supporting Children’s Learning Play and Development

Tamsin Grimmer

Critiquing Personality Disorder - A Social Perspective

Julia Warrener

Promoting Young Children's Emotional Health and Wellbeing - A Practical Guide for Professionals and Parents

Sonia Mainstone-Cotton

Dyslexia - Practical and easy-to-follow advice for parents

Robin Temple

Bullying - Practical and easy-to-follow advice for parents

Jenn Alexander

When Young People with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Hit Puberty - A Parents’ Q&A Guide to Health Sexuality and Relationships

Freddy Jackson Brown, Sarah Browne