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On Mercy

Malcolm Bull

History in Financial Times

Amin Samman

Visualization - 5O Creative Guide To Create Your Dream Life And Manifest Abundance Creativity And Success!

Kellie Sullivan

Burn!! Your Goals - Find Self-love & Mindfulness Learn to Let Go Set Limits Don‘t Pursue Hard Targets with Ambition Crush them Achieve Smart Aims & Get more of What You Want

Simone Janson

Waste Your Time - A plea

Julian Poerksen

Philosophy of Physics - Quantum Theory

Tim Maudlin

Irrationality - A History of the Dark Side of Reason

Justin E. H. Smith

Faith in Life - John Dewey's Early Philosophy

Donald J. Morse

The Fall of the Wild - Extinction De-Extinction and the Ethics of Conservation

Ben A. Minteer

Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

David Hume

The Basic Writings of Josiah Royce Volume I - Culture Philosophy and Religion

John J. McDermott


Marcus Aurelius

The Analysis of Mind

Bertrand Russell

Lord I'm Coming Home - Everyday Aesthetics in Tidewater North Carolina

John Forrest

A Joosr Guide to Happy by Derren Brown - Why More or Less Everything Is Absolutely Fine


Nihilism - The Emptiness of the Machine

André Cancian

The Arts and Crafts of Literacy - Islamic Manuscript Cultures in Sub-Saharan Africa

Andrea Brigaglia, Mauro Nobili

Unspeakable Things - Sex Lies and Revolution

Laurie Penny

Augmented Reality - Reflections on Its Contribution to Knowledge Formation

José María Ariso

Exoteric vs Esoteric - The Journey Back to Self

William R. Buchanan

Modern French Philosophy - From Existentialism to Postmodernism

Robert Wicks

Philosophy of Physics - Space and Time

Tim Maudlin

How We Think - Including Essays in Experimental Logic; Creative Intelligence; Human Nature & Conduct Leibniz's New Essays

John Dewey

In Statu Nascendi - Journal of Political Philosophy and International Relations 2019 1

Piotr Pietrzak

Reoccupy Earth - Notes toward an Other Beginning

David Wood

The Power of Cute

Simon May

The Idea of the Book in the Middle Ages - Language Theory Mythology and Fiction

Jesse Gellrich

The Public and the Private in Aristotle's Political Philosophy

Judith A. Swanson

Timeless Tales of a Wise Sage - Panchatantra Retold

Mahesh Prabhu


Ralph Waldo Emerson