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The Scholems - A Story of the German-Jewish Bourgeoisie from Emancipation to Destruction

Jay Howard Geller

Charles Dickens as an Agent of Change

Lena Steveker, Joachim Frenk

Buying Gay - How Physique Entrepreneurs Sparked a Movement

David K. Johnson

Pocahontas and the English Boys - Caught between Cultures in Early Virginia

Karen Ordahl Kupperman

Shadow King - The Life and Death of Henry VI

Lauren Johnson

The Passing Tribute

Simon Marshall

Saint Patrick Retold - The Legend and History of Ireland's Patron Saint

Roy Flechner

Eva Palmer Sikelianos - A Life in Ruins

Artemis Leontis

Founding Leadership - Lessons on Business and Personal Leadership From the Men Who Brought You the American Revolution

Brent Taylor

After the Rise and Stall of American Feminism - Taking Back a Revolution

Lynn S. Chancer

Hitler's Pawn - The Boy Assassin and the Holocaust

Stephen Koch

The Art of War

Sun Tzu

Who Owns the News? - A History of Copyright

Will Slauter

Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind

Yuval Noah Harari

The Politics of Losing - Trump the Klan and the Mainstreaming of Resentment

Rory McVeigh, Kevin Estep

Three Years in Mississippi

James Meredith

A Well-Ordered Thing - Dmitrii Mendeleev and the Shadow of the Periodic Table Revised Edition

Michael D. Gordin

The History of Slavery - From Egypt and the Romans to Christian Slavery –Complete Historical Overview

Adam Gurowski

Heart Berries - A Memoir

Terese Marie Mailhot

Walter's Welcome - The Intimate Story of a German-Jewish Family's Flight from the Nazis to Peru

Eva Neisser Echenberg, Judy Sklar Rasminsky

The Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason

London's Triumph - Merchants Adventurers and Money in Shakespeare's City

Stephen Alford

Roman Legionary 109–58 BC - The Age of Marius Sulla and Pompey the Great

Ross Cowan

Sons and Soldiers - The Untold Story of the Jews Who Escaped the Nazis and Returned with the US Army to Fight Hitler

Bruce Henderson

The Beginner's Guide to American History - Illustrated Edition: Columbus John Cabot Henry Hudson King Philip William Penn Benjamin Franklin George Washington Thomas Jefferson Abraham Lincoln

David Henry Montgomery

The Private Life of Victoria - Queen Empress Mother of the Nation

Alexander MacDonald

We Few - US Special Forces in Vietnam

Nick Brokhausen

Warriors of Epona

Adam Alexander Haviaras

Streets - A Memoir of the Lower East Side

Bella Spewack

Digital Papyrology II - Case Studies on the Digital Edition of Ancient Greek Papyri

Nicola Reggiani