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Boundaries of Love - Interracial Marriage and the Meaning of Race

Chinyere K. Osuji

South Bronx Battles - Stories of Resistance Resilience and Renewal

Carolyn McLaughlin

Sad by Design - On Platform Nihilism

Geert Lovink

Disarming Doomsday - The Human Impact of Nuclear Weapons since Hiroshima

Becky Alexis-Martin

A Suffragette in America - Reflections on Prisoners Pickets and Political Change

E. Sylvia Pankhurst

Beyond the Self - Healing Emocional Trauma and Brainspotting

Mario C. Salvador

Earth Emotions - New Words for a New World

Glenn A. Albrecht

The Sexual Economy of War - Discipline and Desire in the US Army

Andrew Byers

Implied Nowhere - Absence in Folklore Studies

Shelley Ingram, Willow G. Mullins, Todd Richardson

Hope and History - A Memoir of Tumultuous Times

William J. vanden Heuvel

The Democracy Development Machine - Neoliberalism Radical Pessimism and Authoritarian Populism in Mayan Guatemala

Nicholas Copeland

Labor Pains - New Deal Fictions of Race Work and Sex in the South

Christin Marie Taylor

Out of the Bronx - A Memoir

Irene Sardanis

From Sabotage to Support - A New Vision for Feminist Solidarity in the Workplace

Joy L. Wiggins, Kami J. Anderson

Masada - From Jewish Revolt to Modern Myth

Jodi Magness

Introvert - A Comprehensive Guide To Confidence For Better RelationshipCommunication And Leadership

Kellie Sullivan

The Man They Wanted Me to Be - Toxic Masculinity and a Crisis of Our Own Making

Jared Yates Sexton

Not Speaking

Norma Clarke

After the Rise and Stall of American Feminism - Taking Back a Revolution

Lynn S. Chancer

Mother of Millennials - A guide to understanding and embracing modern values

Kathryn Mortimer, Harriet Mortimer, Sally Mortimer

This Queer Angel

Elaine Chambers


Albert Woodfox

Do You Have Kids? - Life When the Answer Is No

Kate Kaufmann

The Extraordinary Man - Reconnect to Your Masculine Power To Achieve Purpose Freedom & Wealth

Arthur Magoulianiti

The Seed

Alexandra Kimball

Her Way To The Top - The Glass Ceiling Is Thicker Than It Looks

Hira Ali

the princess saves herself in this one

Amanda Lovelace, ladybookmad

One Child

Torey Hayden

Wasted Time

Edward Hertrich

Murder in a Minute

Shouvik Bhattacharya