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More Merseyside Tales - Curious & Amazing True Stories from History

Ken Pye

The Little Book of Youghal

Kieran Groeger

The Little Book of Westmeath

Ruth Illingworth

The Little Book of Sandymount

Kurt Kullmann

Hyde Park

Paul Rabbitts

Liverpool's Own

Christine Dawe

The A-Z of Curious London

Gilly Pickup

Coin Finds in Britain - A Collector’s Guide

Michael Cuddeford

From 221B Baker Street to the Old Curiosity Shop - A Guide to London's Famous Literary Landmarks

Stephen Halliday

The Oxford Book of Days

Marilyn Yurdan

The London Book of Days

Peter de Loriol

The Bristol Book of Days

D. G. Amphlett

The Liverpool Book of Days

Steve Norton

The Cardiff Book of Days

Mike Hall

The Plymouth Book of Days

John Van der Kiste

Tunnels Towers and Temples - London's 100 Strangest Places

David Long

London's Disasters - From Boudicca to the Banking Crisis

John Withington

The Little Book of Liverpool

Alex Tulloch

The Little Book of the Cotswolds

Gillian Broomhall

Folklore of Cornwall

Tony Deane, Clifford Shaw

Norwich in 100 Dates

Kindra Jones

The Little Book of Antrim

Barry Flynn

Dumfries & Galloway Folk Tales

Tony Bonning

Unravelling Sussex - Around the County in Riddles

Tony Ward

Tyrone Folk Tales

Doreen McBride

Limerick Folk Tales

Ruth Marshall

The Anthology of English Folk Tales

Authors Folk Tales

Cavan Folk Tales

Gary Branigan

Love and War in London

Olivia Cockett

An Irish Christmas

Stephen Newman