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Common Sense

Thomas Paine

Releasing the Image - From Literature to New Media

Geimer Peter, Giorgio Agamben, Jacques Khalip, Robert Mitchell, Cesare Casarino, Mark Hansen

Through Parisian Eyes: New Library Edition: Vol 1 No 5 - Melinda Camber Porter Archive of Creative Works

Melinda Camber Porter

What Is Marriage? - Man and Woman: A Defense

Robert P. George, Ryan T. Anderson, Sherif Girgis

The Devil and Philosophy - The Nature of His Game

Robert Arp

Marx's 'Eighteenth Brumaire' - (Post)Modern Interpretations

James Martin, Mark Cowling

Thinking Through the Imagination - Aesthetics in Human Cognition

John Kaag

Letters to Power - Public Advocacy Without Public Intellectuals

Samuel McCormick

The Philosophy of Human Nature

Howard P. Kainz

Teaming: Monica's Dream - How Millions of Micro Donations Are Changing Thousands of Lives

Escritorial Press

Life of Social Animals

Paresh P. Ajmera

The Tao of Architecture

Amos Ih Tiao Chang

Tea Party Resurgence - The Pursuit of a More Perfect Federal Government

Scott Jay Schroeder

Saintly Influence - Edith Wyschogrod and the Possibilities of Philosophy of Religion

Martin Kavka, Eric Boynton

The Imperative of Integration

Elizabeth Anderson

Mr Monk and Philosophy - The Curious Case of the Defective Detective

D. E. Wittkower

The Path of Yoga - Discovering the Essence and Origin of Yoga


PATIENCE is a virtue learn to develop patience

Sanjay Gupta

The Social Quagmire and the Way Out of it

Alfred Russell Wallace

Plato’s Apology

Plato Plato

Aesthetics - A Beginner's Guide

Charles Taliaferro

The Political Writings Volume II - "Political Regime" and "Summary of Plato's Laws"


The Transparency Society

Byung-Chul Han

The Zen Fool Ryokan

Misao Kodama, Hikosaku Yanagishima

Great Tide Rising - Towards Clarity and Moral Courage in a time of Planetary Change

Kathleen Dean Moore

The Golden Sayings Of Epictetus


Transcendence and the Concrete - Selected Writings

Jean Wahl

Resonate Inner Rythmns

Brahma Khumaris

On War - an Andy McNab War Classic - The beautifully reproduced illustrated 1908 edition with introduction by Andy McNab notes by Col FN Maude and brief memoir of General Clausewitz

Carl von Clausewitz, Andy McNab

Exoteric vs Esoteric - The Journey Back to Self

William R. Buchanan