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The Prophet

Kahlil Gibran

Neither Beast Nor God - The Dignity of the Human Person

Gilbert Meilaender

Progress and History

Francis Sydney Marvin


Judith Jarvis Thomson

What's Divine about Divine Law? - Early Perspectives

Christine Hayes

Dangerous Ages

Rose Macaulay

Death and Other Penalties - Philosophy in a Time of Mass Incarceration

Lisa Guenther, Scott Zeman

Three Essays on Marx’s Value Theory

Samir Amin

Szasz Under Fire - A Psychiatric Abolitionist Faces His Critics

Jeffrey A. Schaler

Philosophy of Existence

Karl Jaspers

Zen: Zen Buddhism and the Zen Lifestyle

Marnie Peterson

Appeals to Interest - Language Contestation and the Shaping of Political Agency

Dean Mathiowetz

Be Good - How to Navigate the Ethics of Everything

Randy Cohen

Heaven and Earth Are Not Humane - The Problem of Evil in Classical Chinese Philosophy

Franklin Perkins

Being-in-Creation - Human Responsibility in an Endangered World

Bruce Ellis Benson, Norman Wirzba

Nothing Sacred - An Atheist Quote-A-Day Calendar

Jon Webster

Our Spiritual Crisis - Recovering Human Wisdom in a Time of Violence

Michael N. Nagler

Zen Is a Revolution


Commentaries on Living - first series - A Study Book Of The Teachings of J Krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Law and Marxism - A General Theory

Evgeny Pashukanis

Political Philosophy - An Introduction

Jason Brennan

The Enlightenment - A Beginner's Guide

Kieron O'Hara


Thomas Hobbes

Samurai and Ninja - The Real Story Behind the Japanese Warrior Myth that Shatters the Bushido Mystique

Anthony Cummins



Modernist Commitments - Ethics Politics and Transnational Modernism

Jessica Berman

Trotsky in New York 1917 - Portrait of a Radical on the Eve of Revolution

Kenneth D. Ackerman

Han Feizi - Basic Writings

Burton Watson

Lacan and the Limits of Language

Charles Shepherdson

The Stayer Volume 4 - The Most Dependable Type

Elsie Benedict