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Clothing Poverty - The Hidden World of Fast Fashion and Second-Hand Clothes

Andrew Brookes

To Bear Witness - A Journey of Healing and Solidarity Updated Revised and Expanded Edition

Kevin Cahill

The Struggle for the World - Liberation Movements for the 21st Century

Charles Lindholm, José Pedro Zúquete

Informal Workers and Collective Action - A Global Perspective

Adrienne E. Eaton, Susan J. Schurman, Martha A Chan

We Europeans - Media Representations Identities

William Uricchio

Anthropology and Development - Understanding Contemporary Social Change

Jean-Pierre Oliver De-Sardan

V6A - Writing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

John Mikhail Asfour, Elee Kraljii Gardiner

The Power of the Spoken Word

Florence Scovel Shinn

Darwin's Unfinished Symphony - How Culture Made the Human Mind

Kevin N. Laland

Redeeming Laughter - The Comic Dimension of Human Experience

Peter L. Berger

Thirsty Planet - Strategies for Sustainable Water Management

Constance Elizabeth Hunt

Visual Guide to Tactical Communication - Part 1 of the BOOST professional resource series

Vanessa Lusian, Dan O’Connor

The Millennium Development Goals - Raising the Resources to Tackle World Poverty

Fantu Cheru, Colin Bradford Jr.

Southscapes - Geographies of Race Region and Literature

Thadious M. Davis

How to Manage an Aid Exit Strategy - The Future of Development Aid

Derek Fee

The Asia-Pacific in the Age of Transnational Mobility - The Search for Community and Identity on and through Social Media

Catherine Gomes

Nordic Ways

Debra Cagan

Globalization Facts and Figures

Paul Mason

Family Life in Adolescence

Patricia Noller, Sharon Atkin

The Body Machines - Futurica Trilogy 3

Alexander Bard, Jan Söderqvist

The Struggle for Control of Global Communication - The Formative Century

Jill Hills

Bootstrapping Democracy - Transforming Local Governance and Civil Society in Brazil

Marcelo Silva, Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Patrick Heller

Between Terror and Tourism - An Overland Journey Across North Africa

Michael Mewshaw

Development Practitioners and Social Process - Artists of the Invisible

Allan Kaplan

Chaos is the New Calm

Wyn Cooper

The Great Acceleration - How the World is Getting Faster Faster

Robert Colvile

Nordic Ways

Debra Cagan

The Sexual History of the Global South - Sexual Politics in Africa Asia and Latin America

Saskia Wieringa, Horacio Sívori

Nordic Ways

Debra Cagan

Danish Reactions to German Occupation - History and Historiography

Carsten Holbraad