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Working-Class Comic Book Heroes - Class Conflict and Populist Politics in Comics

Marc DiPaolo

The Chain of Things - Divinatory Magic and the Practice of Reading in German Literature and Thought 1850–1940

Eric Downing

The Cultural Net - Early Modern Drama as a Paradigm

Joachim Küpper

Petrarch and Boccaccio - The Unity of Knowledge in the Pre-modern World

Igor Candido

Bad Feminist - Essays

Roxane Gay

Comics Art in China

John A. Lent, Xu Ying


William Shakespeare, SBP Editors

V S Naipaul Man and Writer

Gillian Dooley

The Brontesaurus - An A–Z of Charlotte Emily and Anne Brontë (and Branwell)

John Sutherland

Understanding Walter Mosley

Jennifer Larson

The Pleasure of Reading - 43 Writers on the Discovery of Reading and the Books that Inspired Them

Antonia Fraser

Pavlo Tychyna - The Complete Early Poetry Collections

Pavlo Tychyna

Translating Chinese Tradition and Teaching Tangut Culture - Manuscripts and Printed Books from Khara-Khoto

Imre Galambos

Ending and Unending Agony - On Maurice Blanchot

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe

Get Thee to a Punnery - An Anthology of Intentional Assaults Upon the English Language

Richard Lederer

Lost Names - Scenes from a Korean Boyhood

Richard E. Kim

Collection of Peace

Helen Steiner Rice

Dear Mark Twain - Letters from His Readers

R. Kent Rasmussen

Shakespeare on Toast - Getting a Taste for the Bard

Ben Crystal

Thirty Pieces of Silver - A Play in Three Acts

Howard Fast

The Heroine's Bookshelf - Life Lessons from Jane Austen to Laura Ingalls Wilder

Erin Blakemore

Sherlock Holmes Was Wrong - Reopening the Case of The Hound of the Baskervilles

Pierre Bayard

Love Sex Death and Words - Surprising Tales From a Year in Literature

John Sutherland, Stephen Fender

Anne Frank - The Book The Life The Afterlife

Francine Prose

The Seven Basic Plots - Why We Tell Stories

Christopher Booker

Still Complaining

Jim Foster

Plato and the Invention of Life

Michael Naas

Understanding John Updike

Frederic Svoboda

The Odyssey - A New Translation by Peter Green


The Social Work of Narrative - Human Rights and the Cultural Imaginary

Gareth Griffiths, Philip Mead