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Remembering How we Stood - Bohemian Dublin at the Mid-Century

John Ryan

Robert 'Curthose' Duke of Normandy [c1050-1134]

William M. Aird

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain

Chosen Lights - Poets on Poems by John Montague

John Montague et al

Les Sauvages Américains - Representations of Native Americans in French and English Colonial Literature

Gordon M. Sayre

Fictitious Capital - Silk Cotton and the Rise of the Arabic Novel

Elizabeth Holt


Miranda Pearson

On Sacred Ground - The Spirit of Place in Pacific Northwest Literature

Nicholas O�Connell

Wonder and Science - Imagining Worlds in Early Modern Europe

Mary Blaine Campbell

Calvinist Humor in American Literature

Michael Dunne

My Kill Adore Him

Paul Martínez Pompa

No More Heroes - Narrative Perspective and Morality in Cormac McCarthy

Lydia R. Cooper

A Tremendous Thing - Friendship from the "Iliad" to the Internet

Gregory Jusdanis

Victorian Interpretation

Suzy Anger

Musings on the Irish Countryside - The Song at Your Backdoor

Joseph Horgan

The Knights of the Round Table

Daniel Mersey

Nancy Cunard - Heiress Muse Political Idealist

Louis Gordon

Atmosphere Mood Stimmung - On a Hidden Potential of Literature

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

Last Looks Last Books - Stevens Plath Lowell Bishop Merrill

Helen Vendler

Modernist Afterlives in Irish Literature and Culture

Paige Reynolds

Ennui Prophet

Christopher Kennedy

Michael Allred - Conversations

Christopher Irving

Views and Reviews (1908)

Henry James

The Little Locksmith - A Memoir

Katharine Butler Hathaway


Maureen McCoy

Dark Vanishings - Discourse on the Extinction of Primitive Races 1800-1930

Patrick Brantlinger


William Shakespeare, SBP Editors

Becoming John Updike - Critical Reception 1958-2010

Laurence W. Mazzeno

Giambattista Vico - Keys to the "New Science"

Donald Phillip Verene, Thora llin Bayer

In a Queer Time and Place - Transgender Bodies Subcultural Lives

J. Jack Halberstam