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What Is a Classic? - Postcolonial Rewriting and Invention of the Canon

Ankhi Mukherjee

Ends of Enlightenment

John Bender

Benjamin's Passages - Dreaming Awakening

Alexander Gelley

Stranger than Fiction - The Life of Edgar Wallace the Man Who Created King Kong

Neil Clark

The Merchant of Havana - The Jew in the Cuban Abolitionist Archive

Stephen Silverstein

Crime Fiction in German - Der Krimi

Katharina Hall

New Heaven and a New Earth - Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology

J. Richard Middleton

Summary and Analysis of Invisible Man - Based on the Book by Ralph Ellison

Books Worth

Kafka's Narrative Theater

James Rolleston

Paris Spleen - little poems in prose

Charles Baudelaire

Personal Business - Character and Commerce in Victorian Literature and Culture

Aeron Hunt

Women and Law in Classical Greece

Raphael Sealey

The World of Ovid's Metamorphoses

Joseph B. Solodow

Lovers and Beloveds - Sexual Otherness in Southern Fiction 1936--1961

Gary Richards

Inventing the Israelite - Jewish Fiction in Nineteenth-Century France

Maurice Samuels

The Story of My Heart - My Autobiography

Richard Jefferies

Hamlet Prince of Denmark

William Shakespeare

Kate Chopin Reconsidered - Beyond the Bayou

Lynda S. Boren, Sarah deSaussure Davis

Regard for the Other - Autothanatography in Rousseau De Quincey Baudelaire and Wilde

E.S. Burt

Summary and Analysis of SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome - Based on the Book by Mary Beard

Books Worth

Les Sauvages Américains - Representations of Native Americans in French and English Colonial Literature

Gordon M. Sayre

Summary and Analysis of Patient HM: A Story of Memory Madness and Family Secrets - Based on the Book by Luke Dittrich

Books Worth

This Is Not a President - Sense Nonsense and the American Political Imaginary

Diane Rubenstein

Read This Next - 500 of the Best Books You’ll Ever Read

Howard Mittelmark, Sandra Newman

Roughing It

Mark Twain

Masks of Conquest - Literary Study and British Rule in India

Gauri Viswanathan

Conversations with Michael Chabon

Brannon Costello

Embodying American Slavery in Contemporary Culture

Lisa Woolfork

The Divide: by Matt Taibbi | Key Takeaways Analysis & Review - American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap

. Instaread

Fitzgerald and Hemingway - Works and Days

Scott Donaldson