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The Penis Book - A Doctor's Complete Guide to the Penis-from Size to Function and Everything in Between

Aaron Spitz

Algorithms of Oppression - How Search Engines Reinforce Racism

Safiya Umoja Noble

Wardrobe Crisis - How We Went from Sunday Best to Fast Fashion

Clare Press

Backseat Drivers - A road trip along the Hume Highway with some opinionated voices from Australia's history

Craig Cormick

Rigorism of Truth - "Moses the Egyptian" and Other Writings on Freud and Arendt

Hans Blumenberg

Sexual Politics and Feminist Science - Women Sexologists in Germany 1900–1933

Kirsten Leng

Eleanor Cameron - Dimensions of Amazement

Paul V. Allen

Heart Berries - A Memoir

Terese Marie Mailhot

The Body Is Not an Apology - The Power of Radical Self-Love

Sonya Renee Taylor

Under an Ionized Sky - From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown

Elana Freeland

Thomas H Cook's True Crime - Blood Echoes and Early Graves

Thomas H. Cook

North Pole Legacy - The Search for the Arctic Offspring of Robert Peary and Matthew Henson

S. Allen Counter

Safe City - From Law Enforcement to Neighborhood Watches

Robert Hessel

Getting My Bounce Back - How I Got Fit Healthier and Happier (And You Can Too)

Carolee Belkin Walker

Luger - The Story of the World's Most Famous Handgun

John Walter

Death Ride of the Panzers - German Armor and the Retreat in the West 1944-45

Dennis Oliver

Against Humanity - Lessons from the Lord's Resistance Army

Sam Dubal

Mandatory Separation - Religion Education and Mass Politics in Palestine

Suzanne Schneider

American Gangsters - A True Crime Collection

T. J. English

Maharishi & Me - Seeking Enlightenment with the Beatles' Guru

Susan Shumsky

A First Book in American History - "An Early Life of America"

Edward Eggleston

A Book of Discovery - "The History of the World's Exploration From the Earliest Times to the Finding of the South Pole"

Margaret Synge

Pictures of Slavery in Church and State - Including Personal Reminiscences Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes on Slavery by John Wesley and Richard Watson

John Dixon Long

The History of American Abolitionism (1787-1861) - Four Great Epochs: Narratives of the Ordinance of 1787 Compromise of 1820 Annexation of Texas Mexican War Abolition Riots Slave Rescues Compromise of 1850 Kansas Bill of 1854

Felix Gregory De Fontaine

The History of the Rise Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition of African Slave-Trade by the British Parliament

Thomas Clarkson

The Big Fellow - Michael Collins and the Irish Revolution

Frank O'Connor

Crafted in Britain - The Survival of Britain's Traditional Industries

Anthony Burton, Rob Scott

The Adventures of Zenas Leonard Fur Trader and Trapper - 1831-1836: Trapping and Trading Expedition Trade With Native Americans an Expedition to the Rocky Mountains

Zenas Leonard, Joseph Meek

The Crisis of the Naval War: British Royal Navy in World War I - Admiralty Organization Submarine & Anti-Submarine Operations Entry of the United States in the War Minesweeping Services

John Rushworth Jellicoe

Salem Witchcraft (Vol 1&2) - Including the History of the Conflicting Opinions on Witchcraft and Magic

Charles Wentworth Upham