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Kachina Tales From the Indian Pueblos

Gene Meany Hodge

Masters of Nothing - How the crash will happen again unless we understand human nature

Matthew Hancock

The Gnat and Other Minor Poems of Virgil


Culture Works - Space Value and Mobility Across the Neoliberal Americas

Arlene Dávila

Landlords and Tenants in Britain 1440-1660 - Tawney's Agrarian Problem Revisited

Jane Whittle

Women and the Art of War - Sun Tzu's Strategies for Winning Without Confrontation

Catherine Huang, A. D. Rosenberg

Georg Trakl's Poetry - Toward a Union of Opposites

Richard Detsch

Exposes and Excess - Muckraking in America 1900 y 2000

Cecelia Tichi

On Wave and Wing - The 100 Year Quest to Perfect the Aircraft Carrier

Barrett Tillman

The WPA Guide to Virginia - The Old Dominion State

Federal Writers' Federal Writers' Project

Visual Guide to Tactical Communication - Part 1 of the BOOST professional resource series

Vanessa Lusian, Dan O’Connor

Freedom on the Fatal Shore - Australia’s First Colony

John Hirst

FB Eyes - How J Edgar Hoover's Ghostreaders Framed African American Literature

William J. Maxwell

Psychosocial and Relationship-based Practice

Claudia Megele

Indian English Poetry - A Discovery

C. L. Khatri, Sudhir K. Arora

Star Ride to Nirvana

Mallikarjun B. Mulimani

Tafelberg Short: The Zuma Moment - And the road to Mangaung

Aubrey Matshiqi

The South in the Shadow of Nazism - An article from Southern Cultures 18:3 Fall 2012: The Politics Issue

Stephen J. Whitfield

Female Circumcision - Multicultural Perspectives

Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf

Escape to Pagan - The True Story of One Family's Fight to Survive in World War II Occupied Asia

Brian Devereux

Pragmatism and the Political Economy of Cultural Evolution

James Livingston

Single Mother - The Emergence of the Domestic Intellectual

Jane Juffer


Plato Plato

Bitter Victory

Carlo D'Este

Second Treatise of Government

John Locke


Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Wealth of Nations

Adam Smith

Three Sisters

Anton Chekhov

General Richard Montgomery and the American Revolution - From Redcoat to Rebel

Hal T. Shelton

The Veiled Garvey - The Life and Times of Amy Jacques Garvey

Ula Yvette Taylor