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Feather Eye

Charles S. Kuzmanovic, Mark Giacomin

A Sanctuary of Spirits

Leanna Renee Hieber


D.M. Siciliano

Old House of Fear

Russell Kirk

Shopping List 3

sergio palumbo, James Watts, david simon, jn cameron, Mark deloy


Kris Rimmer

The Drover's Zombie Wife - A short story

Timothy Bowden

The Lights

Michelle D. Baillargeon

Of Blood and Magic

Shayne Leighton

Ladies of Gothic Horror - (A Collection of Classic Stories)

Mitzi Szereto

A Dream to Die For - A Novel

Susan Z. Ritz

Red Carpet Black

Nolon King

The Dying of the Light - A Novel

Robert Goolrick

Ghost - The new chilling novel from award-winning author Helen Grant

Helen Grant

The Garage

J. Dispenza

Black Angel - nightmarish horror from a true master

Graham Masterton


Mary O Paddock

Paramourn - Unfortunate Romances

John Edward Lawson

Road Kill - Texas Horror by Texas Writers Volume 3

Bret McCormick, James H Longmore, Madison Estes, Dennis Pitts, ER Bills, Aaron Milstead, Samantha Andrasko, Shawna Borman, Bryce Wilson, Jacklyn Baker

The Big Book of Bootleg Horror Vol IV

Erin Lee

Made in Britain

Kevin J Kennedy, Michael Chapman, David Owain Hughes, James H Longmore, David Turnbull, Ross Baxter, Guy N Smith, Lex H jones, C Bailey Baccus, Nick Stead

Blood and Blasphemy

Gerri R Gray

A Fragment Too Far - A Sheriff Luke McWhorter Mystery

Dudley Lynch

Waverly Estate - Ghost Dance

MT Maliha

On the Night Border

James Chambers

Not a Violent Bone

TNae Wilcox

In Tooth and Claw - Tales of Horror and The Supernatural

Dan Soule

The Scarred - Dark Crossings

Alex McGrath

Kill Monster

Sean Doolittle


Tim Wells